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Welcome to the ChristmasQueue 2014
a seasonal modding queue for maps related to Christmas, Winter or New Year

Each year in order to spread the Christmas spirit, the BAT opens up a modding queue for mapsets relating to the holiday season. We have prepared a team of skilled and motivated modders to have your map ranked in time for the holidays. However, we strongly encourage that you help your fellow mappers out with their own maps. Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to mod!

We plan to start qualifying maps around the middle of December, so do not worry that your map may be ranked too early.


  1. The map posted must relate to Christmas, Winter, or the New Year.
  2. The request is made before the New Year (the queue will close then).
  3. You are using a Christmas avatar! (we will be too!)

If you have problems finding your own christmas avatar, feel free to apply the template santa hat below to your current avatar! If you need help applying it to your avatar, feel free to contact me.

Modding Team

We are currently in need for osu!mania modders, please contact me if you are interested!
  1. _Gezo_ (Taiko)
  2. Aka
  3. Andrea
  4. Atrue
  5. blissfulyoshi
  6. captin1
  7. DakeDekaane (osu!standard and Taiko)
  8. Deif (CtB)
  9. Desperate-kun
  10. EvilElvis
  11. Flask
  12. Fycho
  13. Gamu
  14. Garven
  15. Gero
  16. IamKwaN
  17. Irreversible
  18. jonathanlfj
  19. Kibbleru
  20. Konei
  21. Kurokami (Catch the Beat)
  22. Lanturn
  23. Leader
  24. Low (osu!standard and mania any key up to 3.5 stars)
  25. Lust (any mode)
  26. mancuso_JM_
  27. Mao
  28. Melophobia
  29. Natsu
  30. Nwolf (Taiko)
  31. Oracle
  32. pishifat
  33. qoot8123 (Taiko)
  34. Rakuen
  35. Sakura
  36. Secretpipe
  37. Sey (Catch the Beat)
  38. Spectator (Catch the Beat)
  39. Stefan (osu!standard and Taiko)
  40. Tari
  41. ursa (Catch the Beat)
  42. xChippy
  43. xxdeathx
  44. Xgor
  45. ztrot
  46. -Kamikaze- (osu!mania)
  47. Ayu
  48. BeatofIke
  49. Blocko (osu!mania)
  50. cdhsausageboy (Taiko)
  51. Cloudsplash16
  52. Dainesl (Taiko)
  53. Giralda
  54. Kihhou
  55. Kinshara (osu!standard and Taiko)
  56. Krfawy
  57. Kurosanyan (Taiko)
  58. Momochikun
  59. Moway
  60. neonat (osu!standard and Taiko)
  61. OniJAM (osu!standard and Taiko)
  62. pieguy1372 (osu!standard and Catch the Beat)
  63. Pho
  64. Priti
  65. Project Railgun
  66. Riari (Catch the Beat)
  67. Tess
  68. Wafu (osu!standard and Taiko)
  69. Zare
Information for modders:
You do not need to mod a certain amount of maps, just go at your own pace. You can pick any map that is posted on the map list. Just check the thread and find a map that needs help!

Map List

  1. Hatori Sora, Arisugawa Miyabi, Nanahara Kotomi & Sakaki Runa - Winter Bells Gasshou Version by Gamu
  2. Sakamoto Ryuichi - Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence -2012 BlackY's XmasCoreStyle- by Andrea
  3. SAKURA*TRICK - Sakura Sweet Kiss by Momochikun
  4. Uehara Rena - Todokanai Koi '13 (TV Edit) by Sellenite
  5. Drake Bell - Jingle Bells by mancuso_JM_
  6. AKB48 - Yoyakushita Christmas by Kibbleru
  7. u's - Snow halation (TV Size) by DJPop (osu!mania)
  8. Kugimiya Rie & Kitamura Eri - Holy Night by victorica_db (osu!mania)
  9. Silent Siren - Koi Yuki by Gaia
  10. Helix - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by XavierJones
  11. Taylor Swift - Last Christmas by Pappy
  12. Kaj. x SoundNet - New Age Voyager by Pjecoo
  13. Mahito Yokota - White Snow by Nwolf (Taiko/Catch the Beat)
  14. Kugimiya Rie - Snowstorm by Wafu
  15. Enamel-P - SilentNight by Lust
  16. Birdy - White Winter Hymnal by Static Noise Bird
  17. SoundTeMP - Christmas in the 13th Month by Mako Sakata
  18. Audrey Hannah - It's December (And I'll Be Missing You) by Dark_Ai
  19. Josh & Jutta - Szep karacsony by Kazuya
  20. Basshunter - Jingle Bells by _Gezo_ (Taiko)
  21. Soraru & Lon - Haito Atoriesta nite by Xinchii

  1. DJ BaSSMaT - Merry Christmas by Gero (osu!standard/Taiko) (Qualified)
  2. My Chemical Romance - All I Want For Christmas Is You by -Bakari-
  3. BeautifulDay - Christmas Memories by fanzhen0019 (Qualified)
  4. Rie Kugimiya & Eri Kitamura - Holy Night by Kurokami (Catch the Beat)
  5. IU & Kim Yuna - Ice Flower by Norman (Qualified)
  6. Masubuchi Yuuji - Jingle Bells 765 Version by DakeDekaane (Taiko) (Qualified)
  7. ZUNTATA - Jingle Bells (Trance Mix) by Flower
  8. Sakakibara Yui - Happy Lucky X'mas by Sekai-nyan (Qualified)
  9. Mitchie M - Suki Yuki Maji Magic by Natsu (Qualified)

  1. u's - Snow halation by Hinsvar (osu!standard/Taiko/Catch the Beat)
  2. Just D - Juligen by Xgor
  3. DJ Kestutis - Christmas Time by XinCrin
  4. Relient K - We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Natteke
  5. Pomplamoose - Jingle Bells by Cloudchaser
  6. Momoiro Clover Z - Santa-san by cdhsausageboy (Taiko)
  7. ice ft. NicoNico Chorus - Theme of Puella Magi by -Kamikaze- (osu!mania)
  8. Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana - Love Is an Open Door by gokugohan12468
  9. BeautifulDay - Christmas Memories by arviejhay (osu!mania)
  10. GobouP - White Christmas by CSLMVenezuela
  11. MuryokuP - Frozen World by Frostings
  12. 765PRO - Merry by Lolicore_Komari
  13. Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne! by redfire099 (osu!mania)
  14. ave;new feat. Sakura Saori - snow again by CoroQuetz (Taiko)
  15. Owl City - The Christmas Song (Speed Up Ver.) by Nickelony
  16. Naomile - Last Christmas by BoatKrab
  17. Gunther - Christmas Song by Riari (Catch the Beat WIP)
  18. Nathan Smith - Let It Go (Rock Cover) by Thunderstorm (WIP)




Natsu add this one to the list, probably will be done by 2 or 3 days
Here's my WIP as well,

Mostly done with the first diff, It's Insane/Hardish so it would be sweet with test plays right now.
Kazuya Completed mapset.
Sekai wip but just waiting for normal diff ></

so it's already ready for mods on the other diffs!
hype hype!

ready for rank i think
I think you should add which modes are in each mapset, so specific modders won't have to check every single link.

By the way, this one is ready for taiko modding DJ BaSSMaT - Merry Christmas
Topic Starter
Updated all the maps so far to the OP, if you have a WIP map please poke me when the set is pending.

@Kurosanyan, that was my plan from the start

Kibbleru wrote:

ready for rank i think
me 2

ty c:

uhhh my ava is winter-y enuf right lol owo
Here's mine.

Thanks :>

EDIT: Completed. Pending.
Completed yuri set :3
Completed, pending, standard set. :3
Completed, Pending, STD only.
Thanks :>
i dont know if this anime song relate to your xmas standard or not..
but the anime is related,so..i choose to post this to try my luck
pending and competed,ready for rank
Here's my Kurisumasu mappu :3
Already on pending,
Thank youu~
Here's my map :3

@Lust could you please add osu!standard and Taiko as modes I can mod?
Ujimatsu Chiya
hope to be with christmas :3

maybe chirstmas avatar? lol
obligatory super mario galaxy snow galaxy music

let's see how this will go :3
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