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Another swede huh..

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Sup guys!

I have been only playing the game so far, for quite a while and never though of writing on the forum - but here i am!
22 y/o IT Support guy from sweden.

I am mainly on the forums because i wanna be more involved in beatmapping and learning new techniques, maybe getting some feedback on my mapping style and hopefully getting some maps through ranked status.

Happy to meet you! :D
Welcome to this place on the internet Br00tal.
Hello and welcome to the forums!
People who can make beatmaps are really great
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am gonna try to see if someone wanna collab on a betmap or two. I already have a few ongoing projects.
Raisha Millenia
welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums :3
Mr Capuce
Happy to meet you too Mr. Br00tal :D
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Thanks guys! You are awesome :D
Eyo there, neighbour. Enjoy your stay!
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