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How do you play osu?

Using both mouse and Z-X buttons
49.55% 497
Using graphic tablet with a pen
15.45% 155
Using both mouse & mouse buttons
27.62% 277
Other method
7.38% 74
Total votes: 1003
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Hello everyone so i was just wondering how you guys play osu
pick your option from the poll:

1- Using both mouse and Z-X buttons
2- Using graphic tablet with a pen
3- Using both mouse & mouse buttons
4- Other method




1 - 同時使用鼠標和Z - X按鈕
2 - 使用圖形片的筆
3 - 同時使用鼠標和鼠標按鈕
4 - 其他方法



1 - ボタンマウスの両方とZ - Xを使用する
2 - ペンを使って、グラフィックタブレットを使用して
3 - を使用して両方のマウス&マウスのボタンを
4 - 他の方法



1 - 버튼을 모두 마우스 및 Z - X를 사용하여
2 집 - 펜을 사용하여 그래픽 타블렛
3 - 모두를 사용하여 마우스 & 마우스 버튼
4 - 또 다른 방법은



1 - Sử dụng cả hai con chuột và Z-X nút
2 - Sử dụng đồ họa viên thuốc với một bút
3 - Sử dụng cả hai con chuột và các nút chuột
4 - Các phương pháp



1 - दोनों और माउस Z-एक्स बटन का उपयोग करना
2 - एक कलम से ग्राफिक गोली का उपयोगका उपयोग कर
3 - दोनों माउस और माउस बटन
4 - अन्य विधि

thread has been posted at least twice before, I imagine you can find three or four versions of this thread if you dig deep enough
mouse to move, z-x to hit
Mostly I do mouse clicking, but sometimes I go for Z only. (And in VERY rare occasions I go for Z/X.)
I usually go Z-only on maps I put Double Time on and which are like 145 ish or higher. If they involve some 1/4 I usually switch to mouse clicking then fast to click the 1/4. But sometimes I can even pass them with z/x, if I'm lucky :)
tablet pen without touch and keyboard (1 and 2) <3
Maybe this should be moved to Gameplay and Rankings first, then locked or something?
I had no idea you could use keyboard buttons to hit >< No wonder i struggle iwht 5 star maps.
Tablet pen (Mouse buttons disabled ingame), and < and > to hit
I use Table pc name "wacom bamboo pen & touch" and keyboard with z,x :D

because this are easy
I use left click on mouse, but when my fngers aren't enough fast.. I use z key of my keyboard :D
( Most of time, during buttons' cloud >< )
I use zx mapped on my belkin n52te but for very hard streams I also use the left mouse button I mapped left of the z on the same n52te I also mapped right mouse click but I never used it
I tried playing with only the mouse the first time I played osu! but I found it hindering the movement of my mouse so I started using the keyboard instead I could use more keys then than the two osu! allows now.

edit 400th post
I play left click on my mouse primarily, using q and e (a spill over from my stepmania days) for any streams.
Mouse + Keyboard. Now I use zx, but before that I used ctrl+alt (mainly ctrl).
tablet + w + e
other: tablet + s/d, mouse + s/d, mouse + click/d, depends on song and mood
I use mouse for movement and S + Mouse1 to hit
other method : tapping with tablet and without touch.. on streams i always using keyboard K + L :D
I'm a mouse and z/xer, one thing I really can't cope with well though are streams. Godamn streams!
I use mouse only, except where that's impossible in places (Yes, insane mode for Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter, I'm talking to you!)

I tried z/x, but it just puts me off and makes me fail, plus, I play better using my left hand as support by keeping it close to my mouse (dunno why... maybe cos I'm left handed... I either keep it close or on the WASD keys, which is kinda pointless for Osu, but it just feels right)
Left click + S key for streams
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