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thank you
it's looks good
Thank you so much!
-[ Lee ]-

SAOnline wrote:

@Cookiedipp You might have copied your link wrong, it got split. Could you give me another link?
@ZenithPhantasm I tried again with several ideas but none of them looked good. I'm sorry :c
@-Dust It's going to take a little longer to make it. I'm not very experienced in making YT banners. If that's not okay there's some other people in the art forums that would be able to help you better.

I love what you did with the background, and the banner, and just all of it. Thanks so so much!

SAOnline wrote:

Why hello again! Personal responsibilities have occupied most of my time recently but alas here we are!
Let's begin shall we? :)

Something new and awesome is happening soon,
Pantsusenpai and I are collaborating to deliver a new thread to you guys. We hope that you enjoy our works.

All other requests will be here tomorrow.
@-Dust Will be here tomorrow with the rest.
I found 2 pictures of her that I liked so I rendered both and made 2 versions of the overlay.
One version with text and one without.
I made 2, one with text I put over each spot and one without.

The first one I added ". . ." to the end. I thought it added emphasis to it. The second one is the normal one.

I made one with a Now playing bar just in-case you ever need it.
I'm sorry :c I tried many different variations and I couldn't get it to look acceptable (or at least to my standards). I hope you are okay with this instead :S
I couldn't find a way to make the feathers look good with the glow so I removed them, I hope that's okay. :c

Aww Thank you <3 I appreciate the luck :)

I felt it looked better without a border. I hope you like it :3

Thank you :3 I love it

SAOnline wrote:

Thank you
Also can you make me an avatar :3

Size: 128x128
Font Style: Cute
Text: KiroKusA
Text Colour : again you're the best at picking colours (*゚▽゚*)
Border Type: Rounded Square
Extra: put on a santa hat please (≧◡≦)
Size: 256x256 / 512x512
Image: ... -415107908
Font Style: Cute one plz :P
Text: Yazgoth
Text info: Its up to you
Border Type: Rounded Square and Square pretty please
Border Details: Up to you my friend
Saw the work with A Medic's twitch banners and thought "Oh that'd be cool". Asked a friend to see what he could do, and he hasn't gotten back to me at all. So I thought I'd ask here!

Size: Other (Twitch info panels)
Text - Image/Character (Sorry for the mass amount of work / info for these :o:?):

  • About Me - Isla (Plastic Memories)
    Anime! - Michiru Matsushima (Grisaia no Kajitsu)
    Moderators - Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph)
    Osu! - Enju Aihara (Black Bullet)
    Custom Emotes - Sakamoto (Nichijou)
    Websites - Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
    Donate - Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4)
    Rules - Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakuindomo)
    Games - Nanana (Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin)
    Personal Bests - Tomoka Minato (Ro-Kyu-Bu)
    Friends - Kobeni Yonomori (Mikakunin de Shinkoukei)

Font Style: Any (artists choice; preferable something that matches with the overlay you did)
Color / Style: As long as it matches the overlay, I'm cool with it. Whatever the hell you think looks nice :).

EDIT: Also adding on an offline screen and an intermission screen. Twitch things yo.

Size: 1920 x 1080 for both
Image: Black Bullet for Offline, Working!!! for intermission.
Text: "AzNFGamershaus is currently not streaming." / "AzNFGamershaus will be right back!"
Font: Any
Style: Matching the overlay for both, for the intermission; chat window and spot for a square logo pls.
User Page Banner:
Size: 623x192
Text: Lapoozza's UserPage
GIF: Yes/No

Font Style: Simple, Cute, Digital, Cursive, etc. (Upto you <3 )
Border: Yes/No ( Also upto you. I have zero design sense )
Border Color: ----- ( Same as above )
Extra: Can you please make it hoiday/ christmas themed.
Credit to show I made it for you: Yes/No

Thank you so much for doing this.
Size: 623x192
Text: Welcome to My Userpage
GIF: Yes
Font Style: Digital
Border: No
Credit to show I made it for you: No
Stream Overlay:

Osu resolution: 1280x960
Stream resolution: 1280x720
Style: Light orange/light pink color scheme.
Background Image (If you have one): Don't have one :?
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: A render of this character if possible.
"Now Playing" bar: No
Webcam: No
Name Tag/Plate: Yes
Chat window: No
Extra: Game play big as possible while still looking nice. A cool border around the game if possible :D

Thanks in advanced <3
Size: Common sizes are: Keep to original, or use 128x128 if you wish.
Image: Here's the link. (It's already edited be me, but try to make it somehow better. I even gave you the .psd)
Font Style: Keep Mixolydian Tilting pls.
Text: ... It was on psd file... Use my nickname
Text info: As you wish so.
Border Type: Squared, may eb 3px thin
Border Details: Generic, match it with the picture.
Hi, can I request an avatar please?
Size : 128x128
Image :
Font Style : anything is fine for me, so use one that you think looks best
Text : DeathAdderz
Border Type : Can you make borderless and square? I want to see which one is better. Just make it solid color border for square.
The rest is up to you, i guess. Please tell me if you need another details. Thanks in advance ^^
User Page Banner
Size: 623x192
Text: Welcome to Scyan's Userpage
GIF: Yes
Font Style: Simple (I think your judgement would be better on this, I suck with fonts) :3
Border: No
Extra: I would like to keep to a blue/cyan theme if possible. Something similar, but not identical to your Shino example would be perfect.
Credit to show I made it for you: Yes :3

The image I posted is only a render, I couldn't find anything with a nice background that included the render. I'm a sucker for picking things out. If you feel it would be better, then I'm happy for you to use your Shino example as a template. If it's too much, I will happily find a different picture. :3
Ello Im bak , so yeah here's a request thank you <3

Image: Click Here! <3
Size: 128x128
Text: _Chandy_
Font Style: I'll leave that to you <3, but make sure it fits well to the image
Text Color: mmmm I' leave that up to you again xD
Border: Rounded Square

Thanks in advance <3 :D
Hey, have been following your shop for like two weeks and you're work is amazing! I'd like to request a stream overlay ^w^

Stream Overlays:
Osu resolution: 1360x768
Stream resolution: 1360x768
Style: Orange / Gold
Background Image (If you have one): Nope :c
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: Yata Misaki
"Now Playing" bar: Yes
Webcam: Yes (640x480)
Name Tag/Plate: Yes
Chat window: No
Extra: I'd like it to look like a Sound Voltex themed overlay, maybe like this
Hello. I am requesting a Signature.

Size: 520x130

(Please try to cut off the words shown on the bottom left if you can.)

Text: Do you miss me like I miss you?
(Any format is fine, as long as the text is transparent.)

Gif Text: Fade in/out effect?

Font Style: Cursive.

Border: Yes

Border Color: Dark brown

Extra: In the image I have linked, there are some faded street lights in the background. If you could also add in some animation of those lights flashing in/out slowly that would also be great!
Thank you.
- HellBird -
Gonna have you make a new one ^^


Size: 256x256
Image: ... ba6625.jpg
Text: Scebtile
Font Style: Cursive
Text Info: Whatever color you think fits the picture the most (Because i can't figure it out)
Border Type: Rounded Square
Border Details: Thick

If possible, i would like the same avatar with the text ''HellBird'' on it. Because i might change it to that soon.

Thank you for your work :)

Avatar Request

Size: 132x132 and 256x256 please.
Image: .w. <---
Font Style: Cursive
Text: Rame
Text Info: Solid Color + Shine
Border Type: Normal Square

Thanks in advance :)
Stream overlay \:D/

Osu resolution: 1920x1080
Stream resolution: 1920x1080
Style: i like dark stuff
Background Image (If you have one): ---
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: Mercurius from Dies Irae
"Now Playing" bar: no
Webcam: Yes
Name Tag/Plate: Yes, Michiru
Chat window: Yes
Extra: Looking forward to see the result ^_^
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