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The PurplePanda

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TakagamiSamiru- wrote:

Still awaiting my request, i hope you not forget it srsly :)
I didn't forget. You didn't give me any images to use for either of your requests. Give me the images you want me to use!
Wow Thank you :) sorry i don't have opinion hehe :D
where is my request :o
I would like an avatar.
Size : 128 x 128
Image : ... paper_.jpg
Font style : Cursive
Text : Moen-
Text info : Solid color + shine
Border : Yes
Border style : Circle
Border details : Solid color border

I would also like a userpage banner.
Size : 623 x 192
Image : ... ers-HD.jpg
Text : Welcome to Moen-'s userpage!
GIF : No ( I would like the fading text though )
Font style : Simple and Cute
Border : Yes
Border color : Silver

Thank you <3

SAOnline wrote:

It's sooooooooo awesome. Thank you! <3
First, you're a really good graphics designer, and I wish you further success in your graphics! :)

Size: 132X132
Image: Image
Text: Umaz
Font: What you think is best
Text Color: What you think is best
Text Info: What you think is best
Border Type: Rounded Square
Border Details: Striped(Blue&White)
Border Over: Up to you
Request: Overlay
Osu resolution: 585x325 (No Im not kidding. It'd be nice if you could make it 1280x720 because I scale up)
Stream resolution: (1920x1080)
Style: Red, white, black, soft glowy accents.
Background Image (If you have one): ... stract.jpg
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: Image 1 Image 2 I have no clue who this girl is but please remove all the butterflies and replace them with feathers.
"Now Playing" bar: Yes
Webcam: Yes
Name Tag/Plate: Yes (Zenny)
Chat window: Yes
Extra: Black feathers with bright red glow/white glow wherever you see fit

SAOnline wrote:

Omg, I think I never gave you your last one >_<;;;;; If I didn't here is both, I'm so sorry Dx.
New one:

Previous one:

yay it's okay thank you so much :D
A Medic
Size: 128x128
Font Style: Whatever fit's best ascetically
Text: A Medic
Text info: Whatever fits best
Border Type:Circle and Rounded Square (Could you make both types? if not circle is fine)
Border Details: Thin

Thank you very much :)

SAOnline wrote:

@Yuii Yeah I can do that, working on it.
@HappyRocket88 You forgot the image! ;)
@ExRai The link is broken :( I get an error. Can you give me a new one?

Thanks for the fast replacement link! Left one has a black outline.
Omg, I think I never gave you your last one >_<;;;;; If I didn't here is both, I'm so sorry Dx.
New one:

Previous one:

Let me know what you think, I like these but want to hear your opinion.

Overlay will be here tomorrow.

Yeah I can do YT channel art. Give me some time though, I'll PM you with it when it's finished.

I hope you like this x.x Was hard to think of how to design it ;;


I apologize if this is simple x.x;;

Thanks for the Profile Pictures. I can wait for the YouTube banner :D
I would like an avatar.
Size : 128 x 128
Image :
Font style : i will leave that to you :)
Text : Sway315 (the text under the image please)
Text info : Black and Dark Red (50-50 with transition)
Border : Yes
Border Type : Round Square please
Border Color : Black and Dark Red (50-50 with transition)

thanks in advance :D
Hello I would like to request a collab avatar.

Size: 128x128
(Specify if you want a higher resolution)
Font Style: Cute
Text: Repulse(Left) ; [ Matcha ](right)
Text info: Solid Color+Shine
Border Type: Circle
Border Details: Thin

Thanks! <3
Btw your works are awesome keep up the good work!!
where's mine? T.T
Yo can i get a stream overlay made by you?

Osu resolution: 1360 x 768
Stream resolution: 720p
Style: If you have a preferred look for it. no preferred look
Background Image (If you have one): ... 0x2500.png
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: ... 77tgy1.png
"Now Playing" bar: Yes/No: no please
Webcam: Yes/No: sure
Name Tag/Plate: Yes/No: Yes Please
Chat window: Yes/No: Ran out of words to say for yes
Extra: Additional text, Style, overall design concept, etc. : maybe it could tag the windows like chat and camera etc.

i am really excited to see what you come up with :)
hey I'd like a signature if possible :>

Image: here :>
Text: still cute tho
Gif Text: Yes, anything you think would look good :)
Font Style: Cute
Border: Yes
Border colour: whatever you think fits with the banner
Extra: I'd just like it to be colorful, sorry I don't have many decisive answers. I'm really bad at design work ;-;

edit: forgot size, pref the longer one please but again if the image I provided would work better shorter then feel free to do that

also forgive grammar errors, on my phone
Avatar request please :3

Size : 128x128
Image: ... 00x400.jpg
Font Style : Cursive
Text : Kikru
Text info : Blue + Solid colour
Border Type : Rounded Square
Border details : Thick + Blue + solid colour border
Stream Overlay Request!

Osu resolution: 1280x720
Stream resolution: 1920x1080
Style: Sinister style like badass
Background Image (If you have one): Find one for me? :D
Anime/Game/Character(s) being used: Akame
"Now Playing" bar: Yes
Webcam: Yes 1280x720
Name Tag/Plate: Yes
Chat window: Yes
Extra: Have the background image have a dark but sinister feel to it.

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