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Hey guys.
I need help finding a beatmap!
I was pressing f2 for 5 minutes straight and didn't find it (I have 5000+ beatmaps, it's hard)...
The background is brown, with a girl, and behind her is a staircase if I'm not mistaken.
The song starts off really slow, and calm, with a girl voice, smooth. And then it gets stronger.
I know the hardest difficulty is "Collab", I just don't know the name.
I think it's an opening to some anime, I can be mistaken though.
I'd gladly appreciate any help in finding the beatmap's name :D
You can try typing in collab on the song select menu and look at the thumbnails next to the songs .

But, it might take forever depending on how many diff that have the word collab in it .

You can also go to recently played and look from there .
i think it might be a supercell song, try searching that name
edit: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/32509
Thank you Snepif! That was exactly it!
I have to question why using f2 with ~5000 beatmaps and hoping it would hit the right one would be a good idea.
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