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Problem Details:
On some maps in my library, I find I can only see # of difficulties, but I know there are more. For example, grumd's goreshit - o'er the flood
In my songs list, this only goes up to "Hard"
"the floor beneath" and the taiko oni do NOT appear, however, I can make them appear by partially typing out the title, as demonstrated in the video below.
Clicking one of these "appeared difficulties" makes the others disappear.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20141030.8 (latest)
You are sorting by length
The 2 hardest diffs are 4+ min, but the other are shorter
Try sorting by artist, and see if the problem persists
Well shit, I am too... when the hell did that get changed
Sorry for the useless post
Don't worry
Good to hear that's the problem, and not that there is a real bug xD
A mod will mark this (as resolved probably), and move to resolved issues
Marking as resolved
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