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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Some of the unranked mods can be mildly interesting (Target Practice, Relax, etc.), however, I would love to see some leaderboards from them.

This is how they work:
-Since they are unranked, they STILL do not give a change in rank.
-Each mod has its own separate leaderboard.
-Supporter only, maybe?
-Cutting edge mods STAY in cutting edge.

I would love to see some target practice leaderboards, seeing how accurate people are.

What do you think of this? :P

Alex311360 wrote:

-Cutting edge mods STAY in cutting edge.
I don't think this is needed, but target practice probably won't be going onto stable for a while, seeing as it bugs out (try spectating someone using it, or playing a song with a changing bpm). Other than that, this could be pretty fun. I've always had the idea of mutli games where everyone uses target practice and ranking based on accuracy.
"Unranked" means "not for comparison" so it defeats the purpose to open a leaderboard for them.

Btw Target Practice is a WIP and nowhere close to release quality. It's best to hold onto related requests till proper release.
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