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Thank's :)

[ Onii-chan ] wrote:

Crash333 wrote:

i know the one is called "welcome.mp3"
but how is the otherone called when you exit osu?
maybe: "exit.mp3"?
Seeya.mp3 if you read any of my above posts it will tell you
Hey! i know that you can only change that if you have osu supporter tag...
Now I can fulfill all my fetishes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-- Lilith --
I really want one that says nee-chan for my combo breaks someone help a girl out?
If you have some "onee-chan!" sound clip, set that as your combobreak.wav.

If you don't, but know of an anime that does, get some episodes playing, try and find that delicious sound bite, and then use audio editing software like Audacity, with your Recording Source as "Stereo Mix". You'll need to set your volume a bit high though. Here's a guide to do that.

Someone around here might have a sound clip though, or maybe Google Fu can kick in too. Good luck! ;)

Starrodkirby86 wrote:

If you have some "onee-chan!" sound clip, set that as your combobreak.wav.
Sounds lewd good! (/me run)
you can also look here , each ship girl' has tons of lines, and pick ship girl based on your favorite seiyuu.
Thanks a bunch :):):):)
main menu sounds plz... Play, Edit, Options, Exit, Solo, Multi, Back (oh, nevermind)
Shiroi Lelouch
Everybody needs a loli in their life *please fbi have mercy*
Someone want to spare their time to find some nice shy loli congratulation voice
kinda new to osu and i somehow cant find a way to put the sounds into a skin, so can someone upload a modified skin so i can play with them please?
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