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Problem Details:
I haven't been able to change the startup message, even though I have supporter. I've tried switching skins, relogging osu, restarting my computer using wav or mp3, disabling/re-enabling the option, everything I could think of. Nothing makes it custom, all I get is Pola[r]is's voice.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Video (Sorry, I accidentally left it as 10bit, but any modern media player will handle it fine)

This is (definitely) the skin I'm using

Here's the sound samples

osu! version: b20141029.13 (latest)
I'm on the Stable build

NOTE: There was already a thread about this that got locked, I am posting this one with permission:

Additional: I'm not worried if it works today, tomorrow or never, but I can't be the only person still experiencing this.
Works fine here, testing with welcome.mp3.
I added a video for you, sorry to be a pain :P
a video says nothing. i can't even see what skin you're using.
I think that feature work only in cuttingedge build

peppy wrote:

a video says nothing. i can't even see what skin you're using.
My own custom skin, I posted a screenshot showing the elements inside the skin. There's no way I can accidentally choose another skin, as thats the only one in my skin folder, plus you can tell by the green cursor.

Name: Sailor Moon v0.21

Author: Imperf3kt

SliderBallFlip: 0

CursorRotate: 1

CursorExpand: 1

CursorCentre: 1

SliderBallFrames: 1

AnimationFramerate: 24

HitCircleOverlayAboveNumer: 0

ComboBurstRandom: 1

SpinnerFadePlayfield: 0

SpinnerNoBlink: 1

SliderStyle: 2


Combo1: 0,0,255
Combo2: 255,0,0
Combo3: 0,255,0
Combo4: 255,255,0
Combo5: 255,75,135

SliderBorder: 255,255,255

SliderTrackOverride: 0,0,0

SpinnerApproachCircle: 255,255,255

SongSelectActiveText: 255,0,0

SongSelectInactiveText: 0,0,255

StarBreakAdditive: 255,75,135


HitCirclePrefix: default

HitCircleOverlap: 3

ScorePrefix: default

ScoreOverlap: 3

vahn10 wrote:

I think that feature work only in cuttingedge build
No, it is supposed to work in stable too, but I just switched to cutting edge, and even here it doesn't work.
I don't know if my problem can be considered part of this...

However my welcome.wav custom only plays maybe 1 out of 20 times, so it's not broken. (my theory behind this is my net is too slow for osu to recognize me as supporter in the split second the game takes to launch.)

so I was wondering if there was any sort of fix, or idea on how to fix that, considering I know I'm not the only one in the world with slownet

My seeya.wav works every time.
please test on cutting edge
Dunno about Imperf3kt but I am always in cutting edge.
and have you tested with the latest cutting edge version?
Well, I'm having problems too.
The welcome is not working but the seeya is.
I tried with *.wav and *.mp3 and I tried on Stable and Cutting Edge.

(Same prob as Demex)
The custom welcome and seeya both worked fine for me. Weird.

Tested on both Stable and Cutting Edge.
I found my problem, I dislike the sound samples on some skins, so I had the option disabled, but I also have "disable all beatmap specific skins" enabled as well, so I turned skin sound samples back on and now it works fine. Sorry for the trouble peppy, but I believe now you may have found a solution to at least some of the issues :P

Please spread this info to anyone else experiencing this issue.
I'm getting both the default intro voice and the custom one I've added, the default is overlapping and is much louder than my custom one. Is there any way to fix this? is there an option to disable the intro voice while keeping my custom intro sound?
Don't bump resolved threads, make a new thread for your problem please.
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