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Problem Details:
All osu!mania maps have the same scroll speed no matter the 'remember osu!mania scroll speed per beatmap' opinion is on or off

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
they all looks like :10(XXXBPM x X.0) at the top right conor

osu! version: 20141008.11
F3/4 in game
Ctrl F3/4 when selecting song
Is there no way to get the old scrollspeeds? Most beatmaps came with their own scrollspeeds and I kinda liked them as they were.
And I dont really feel like changing the scrollspeed of more than 900 beatmaps :/
There wasn't
It has Always been with speed x bpm for scroll speed
now, the 'answer' is Always the same
It's the same speed on ALL maps now
This is horrible v.v
But I think I'll just have to get used to it.
Anyways, thanks for your help. :)
i agree this is awful, i cant play my songs now because im not use to this stupid slow scroll speed.
You can set it ya know
Press f3 or f4 when the map hasn't yet started
Or ctrl F3/F4 when on song selection menu
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