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thelewa is the only man in my heart, as such I must belong in this club
I can also write another gorillion dollar check if my endless praise is not enough to get me accepted
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Accepting money for entry goes against my personal beliefs as a veritable prophet of greatness.
I dedicate my first post on this forum to thelewa. all hail
noo why did I not see this until now. pls sign me up <3

btw any annons that told you they loved you it was me
Brian OA
Now that I think about it your house is kind of far away
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Surely it is of no consequence for a fan as dedicated as you.
i want to brush your luscious hair lewa
i'm good at brushing
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Noobsicle has been named "Chairman of the Beautification Committee" for his outstanding skills at brushing my hair.
omg lewa sign my tablet pls
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Darth_InvadeHer has been named "Commander of the lewangelist Crusade" for his undying allegiance.

thelewa wrote:

Please has been named "Secretary of Complimentary Defense" for his skills in complimenting me.
I feel humbled and honored for this opportunity to serve as Secretary of Complimentary Defense. However I must say that I was very surprised to have been elected. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

My king!

Edit: Fixed video link and I graciously accept my title of: Supervisor of the Literary Division
All hail the OneTrueThelewa <3
Ham Solo
Sign me up for this fan club *^*
Praised be thelewa!
I can educate people and be a missionary on spreading the word of our one true senpai, TheLewa *^*
pls let me in dear leader, i will bring various baked goods for you to stuff your beautiful face with
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felicitousname has been named "Supervisor of the Literary Division" for his efforts in referencing a movie about a book.
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smudgerox has been named "Chief Engineer of Edible Praise" for his bringing of various baked goods to the swim meet.

Death of several fan club members due to swimming with their stomach full still under investigation.
Dear supreme overlord TheLewa, how do I become an accuracy god like you? I've always looked up to you and I got every single replay from you saved here on my computer. I wanna join your club so I can continue to improve and become more like you. Please accept my request, dear leader.
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Vexy has been named "Spokesman of the Sweet-talking Committee" for his innate talent in sweet-talking.
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