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Nice ! :o
Exp. 82 is love, Exp. 82 is life.
This skin is absolutely fantastic. First one I really liked since Aesthetic.

Also props to Astar for being a bro and deciding to share.
So nice !!!!
I love it ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Thank you !!
What's the scorebar font?

nat2011 wrote:

want to see more modes fromthis skin
What modes would you like ? I think I could make a taiko one someday, I'm not used to skinning other modes though.

Meruru wrote:

I always liked your last skin but it was too dark for me to play with
- I'm glad you published something brighter :)
Glad you like it. I have yet to find a good balance between visibility and darkness though .w.

Hydraty wrote:

The skin is pretty damn good to play in nomod but I can't for the life of me play hidden with it. It seems unreadable for me (might try later with a grey background, should be better I believe).
Anyways great skin, thanks :)
It's intended to play in Hidden with 100% background dim (so black background) where white circles have best visibility.
If you're playing with backgrounds on you should try other full-circles, more detailed skins.
Or maybe it's just that you need some time to get used to it '-'

brightside wrote:

Dude is this that skin with the sick spinner Astar has been showing off in his videos?


Sick skin, I like it a lot.

Everything fits really well, and I love the mod selection area, and I'm glad to see more people skinning the Target Practice mod, it took forever for people to
start skinning it.
Yes, since Target Practice is not available on stable release channel, anyone that didn't check the beta stuff most likely doesn't even know it exists. (I was one of these people when I made my first public skin since I was not supporter at the time).
Also glad you like the spinner. Don't hesitate to take the concept and make beautiful things with it, mine is very basic :)

Timorisu wrote:

What's the scorebar font?
(It's the font used in most of the skin, along with some GeoSansLight here and there, you can find it on dafont)

Thanks for the positive comments, I'll start making the HP bars some of you requested now.
Also when you request a HP bar, please be accurate as to what you want, especially if you want an image cropped, or mirrored horizontally, elsewise I can't guess it and I will use the image provided as is (with minimal cropping to get it to look nice in a circle though).
I just tried it out... got my first +100pp run.

Thank you very much.
Giv hp bar or i'll call mom :(

Nice skin bro<3
Can you please upload it somewhere else? Because for some wierd reason mediafire isnt working for me.

razavana wrote:

Can you please upload it somewhere else? Because for some wierd reason mediafire isnt working for me.
Here's my version with slight modification. ;;

Anyway, best skin ever \:D/
This looks so good!
Still the best skin.
Beautiful skin, all round perfect and the style is lovely
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