MY FIRST STORY - Fukagyaku Replace

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Will this ever get ranked!? It's such a great beatmap yet they won't even qualify it!
Just WOW!! Its damn good
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Moo-Chan wrote:


  1. id make the AR5 or something. going from 3.5 to 6 is a big difference from an easy to a normal
  2. 00:22:403 (1,2) - fix blanket
  3. 00:26:153 (3,4) - ^
  4. 00:48:803 - 00:50:078 - i doubt it matters but id remove the green points that are in between these times
  5. 01:05:753 (1) - id move the last anchor to the left once to even out with the previous slider
  6. 01:17:603 (1,3) - i dont really like this barely touching overlap, so maybe move the single note to the right just a bit?
  7. 01:19:553 (6) - id nc this to keep consistency with this nc 01:09:953 (1)
  8. 01:33:953 (1) - remove nc. i dont see a point for one here
  9. 02:12:353 (6) - same with above. nc to keep consistency leaving this for consistency with the other drumrolls into kiai flash thing
  10. 02:18:803 (4) - idk if this is rankable, but this slider goes far off the grid, so id move it to the left
  11. 02:40:703 (4,1) - this overlap could be fixed
  12. 03:08:453 (1,1) - is it ok to have two spinners start so close next to each other?
  13. 03:24:953 (1) - ♥
  14. 03:35:153 (6) - nc for consistency
  15. 03:42:803 (7,1) - same as the easy, idk about the no break here

go through and check blankets. other than that i like the diff
  1. ;-;...
  2. 00:04:403 (2) - maybe you could move this to x:248 y:100? to me the small space it makes between 00:03:953 (1) - and 00:04:403 (2) - feels nice
  3. 00:08:453 (7) - just a suggestion, but maybe you could do something like this? it plays nicely imo think it takes a bit of the emphasis off the slider following those, so going to leave
  4. 00:20:303 (2) - ctrl - g? it feels less awkward to play
  5. 00:21:203 (2) - ^
  6. 00:24:803 (1,2) - fix the blanket here? its slightly off
  7. 00:43:253 (2,3) - fix blanket
  8. 01:00:503 (2,4) - you should ctrl - g these separately. it plays so much better like that
  9. 01:03:353 (1,3) - ^
  10. 01:17:303 (6,7) - to me, this pattern is a bit meh to play. even when i was testplaying it it felt awkward. maybe come up with something else to do? will see
  11. 02:05:453 (6) - ctrl - g? like the backward motion here
  12. 02:36:503 (6,7,1) - fix blanket
  13. 02:43:103 (4) - imo you should ctrl - g this. the flow it creates feels nice
  14. 03:10:553 (6) - nc?
  15. 03:25:403 (1,1) - fix blanket
  16. 03:40:853 (2) - ctrl - g? same backward thing

in love ♥♥♥

aaaaa, i love this song. amazing choice
good luck with getting this ranked!
have my two stars~
Thanks for the mod! I owe you something.
WHAT!? you are still alive!?

I guess it's time to hype now :P
2016 will b good

osu! please rank this. i get 97% accuracy on this 5.41 star map and I'm only rank 26k. just goes to show how awesome this beatmapper is.
It's Happening.
ITS BACK OMFG!!!!!!!!!!111111!!
Moway please rank this. This is seriously one of the best song/maps I've ever played. For months I've been wishing this would get ranked.

Nice map Moway! :3
revived hype C:
really hope this becomes ranked (it's my favorite)
I LOVE THIS MAP!!!! REALLY GOOD JOB! Very good job on making it! I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3
Much fun, can't wait ;-;
Shinku Phantom
Why isn't this ranked yet, the beatmap is mapped so well and it's one of my favourite songs >w<
I rate 10/10, had the beatmap for a long while but damn, never thought about posting on the thread about it :o
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still alive
from #modreqs yesterday I think? idunno

[Saut's Insane]
  1. 02:12:953 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4) - While the design of this is really good (blanketing spacing etc), its really boring to play because its just too much of the same thing in such a condensed space.
  2. 03:36:953 (1,3) - Fix your blanket, its slightly unstacked.

    This diff was tons of fun to play and is incredibly polished~

  1. I'm probably stupid but what is the diffnames relevancy in relation to the song.
  2. 00:05:453 (4,5) - I get why these are here rhythmically, but it doesn't sit right with me that they aren't in the song (from what I can hear?)
  3. 00:30:953 (1) - Rotate 5 degrees to better line up with the triplets?
  4. 00:45:503 (2,3) - CTRL+G for more back-and-forth goodness? (Or would that be too much)
  5. 01:16:253 (1,2) - It flows well, but I don't get why the DS is so large compared to other notes when the musics intensity is about the same.
  6. 03:00:053 (2) - Better blanket?
  7. 03:43:928 (1) - I kind of dislike how theres no clickable note on the end of the word "starting." It just feels strong enough to be clickable to me.

    Once again, fairly polished, great set!

Sorry that I couldn't have been of more help, good luck!
I guess this isn't open for guest diffs? but HOLY CRAP so freaking fun. <3

+ epic song.
Love it!
Hopefully it gets ranked soon
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