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/!\ The last update (1.15.1) seems to not work for everyone, waiting for a fix, here is a link the version 1.15.0 /!\


Hello osu! community!
I've just made this little app because I haven't seen something like I wanted, but, if something like this already exists, feel free to say it to me! :)
So, today I'm happy to present you osu!Profile which is a little program for helping you to see your progress in the ranking (if you're not very attentive and miss how many rank you've just passed when you finished a map :oops: ), also allow you to export these data into files and importing them into you livestream with OBS or XSplit!


  1. Shows your stats or these of any people
  2. Auto check your progress
  3. Choose the time interval between each update
  4. Auto check if new version is available
  5. You can export data shown in multiple files, many as you want (You can easily import to OBS or XSplit in this way)
  6. Shows stats changes until you click on "Check" button of each time you finished a game



  1. Windows XP SP3 or more
  2. .NET Framework 4.0


Enjoy! :)

To-do/To fix

Waiting for your feedbacks :D

I hope you like it! :)

(Sorry for my broken english :( )
Well done :) looks nice
Thank you! :)
sorry but where i can get the API key???
Oh, you can get your API key here
Woah it's working now... thanks

well at least i really love the UI
You're welcome! :)
I'm happy you like it! :P
This reminds me of this similar project (although I prefer your app design :P)
Oooooh! I've never seen this!

But it doesn't have the possibility to save what you want into one or multiple files :(

By the way, if you have any suggestion for a next update or if you find bugs, don't hesitate to say it! :P

And thank you :)
i can't download at the moment cause ya know, working. but what about a way to hide Ranked Score and Total Score?
or can that be done already?
It's now possible! :)
Not working on WinXP 32 bit (Osu!Profile is not a valid Win32 application).
I now know when I've gained 0.1 pp. So even if i have no change on the PP for the day, i can at least see something got better!
this is pretty fricken cool
Thanks! :)
Doesn't work for me. Maybe I did something wrong.

I have something like this :

And nothing appears on the Ranking screen :

Even after a few plays.

Edit : Nvm, it works now. But it seems you have to press enter when entering a player name instead of pressing the button check. Or maybe you just have to relaunch the application. idk
The reason that it didn't work is because you've just put a space before your username, so it didn't find the player ;)
I want to try this but when I get my API key it says I'm not supposed to give it out to others. I feel scared using it with the application :o
Nice and minimalist design; works very well :D
Thanks for sharing! :)
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