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Current Priority: +0
i would love to check the in-game stats of the people who's playing with me in a box that shows when i mouseover the players name during the game break

by stats i mean 300's 100's 50's current acuracy in the music
Cool idea but ...

I'd much prefer the following:
  1. Avatar of the player
  2. Number of X's, 50's, 100's, 300's of the play
  3. Accuracy of the play
  4. Date obtained (maybe)
that's a tottaly nice idea of yours that could implement mine

i just expect that the others like it
Just grow the boxes for each player during the break to show this.

Otherwise, it's the same logic already used to show your own stats.
I prefer showing common stats like

Rank: #2671
Acc: 82.21%
Lv : 68

I prefer make it show that when we scrollover the player's tab in multi.
i still think that the idea of putting the current game stats like how much 300 how much misses and other things is good
and that expanding box implements my idea really nice
Showing profile stats during gameplay seems kinda... awkward. I'd rather see those in the lobby and then accuracy/etc. stats during gameplay.
but now that you talked about it...
it should have the actual in-game stats...
things like how many misses... 300's 100's 50's accuracy...
and actual ranking
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
we can only hope that we get this feature now

i edited the post for better info based on the comments
Common stats are kinda lame though, you'd want song stats, noone really cares much about the common stats when in multiplayer anyway, the ranks shows all most of the time
we know and we're talking about the current game stats
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