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1. i like all animals. thinking about getting a snake but i probably wont be able to care for it so i watch snake vids and go play with snakes at a sanctuary.
2. im grill (probably)
3. my sleeping schedule is fucked up but i still manage to fill 8 hours a day
4. my socializing skills are bad in a bad way. it's gonna end up killing me i think
5. i have a brother 9 years younger than i am
6. im korean (not memeing)
7. i live in the uae
8. i graduated my 7th school out of my 12 years of school life
9. this is the fifth country i've lived in
10. i play oss
10 facts eh? okay...

1. I love making videos, playing games, etc.
2. Im sporty
3. Im kinda stupid and smart at the same time
4. I love music
5. I build my own Computers
6. I like working (Somehow)
7. I sleep all day
8. I love driving around in differend vehicles (cars, tracktors, ATVs, etc.)
9. Im about to attend vocational school
10. Im finnish
1. i have a dead yt channel
2. I am always tired
3. I like food
4. I like whiskey and vodka over beer
5. I'm pretty cynical
6. I often use sarcasm
7. I forgot that i posted this and half the facts had to be changed lol
8. I'm almost certain I'm taller than peppy
9. If i get drunk enough i might try to rap
10. I'm pretty decent at games
This appears to be more interesting than I thought.

1. Male
2. Despite the fact that I currently live in a province, I was born and raised within the Metro Manila area (born in Mandaluyong, but lived in Pasig)
3. I have a better grasp of English, though my fluency in Filipino/Tagalog is not too shabby in its own right
4. I was named after a retired WWE wrestler
5. I have an obsession towards anything chocolate
6. I was into the Pokemon franchise since December 2007, but Pokemon Diamond was the only core game that I got to finish so far
7. My grasp of the Japanese language is limited, though I have continued to learn much about it along with the culture
8. I can play both the guitar and the piano a little bit as well as the kazoo
9. I'm right-handed
10. My favorite types of video games are notably racing, rhythm, and first-person shooters, among others
1) I am an Asian
2) I am very VERY cynical about the world.
3) I play saxophone.
4) My current sports are Table Tennis and Archery.
5) Left handed (you really have a big advantage in sports)
6) I can jump and land on my both feet on a 1.35m high platform without using my hands or any other trick (My length is 1.60m btw.)
7) I obviously like math.
8) I slept through my final year of secondary school before getting my degree :).
9) Winter is better than summer.
10) I have a decent amount of irl friends despite being anti-social.

chaee wrote:

Momiji wrote:

3. I want to be anorexic
educate yourself please

ciara wrote:

chaee wrote:

educate yourself please

Momiji wrote:

8. I am retard
9. Actually literally retarded
at least you know
Lol in truth that statement didn't make sense, if I had a reason to say it in that way then I don't remember it. I should have just said that I wanted to be underweight, which I did achieve. After 2 years it turns out the mental effects/aspects of it were not fun :(
Still after 2 years it turns out there is no need to bully me :D
1. I'm Female.
2. I like editing in photoshop.
3. I'm bad in math. :c
4. I hate Cigars and alcoholic drinks
5. I can be very hateful
6. I love CorrinMale so much
7. I do not usually socialize much
8. I hate pies or cakes
9. I'm good at programming
10. I dont like to go out
1) i write numbers in a list like that
2) i'm a male, last time i checked
3) i often scream in public, so people tell me to shut up
4) my favorite drink is arizona ice tea, followed by coca cola
5) i can't hazard sweep for shit on competitive
6) even though my pp is high on taiko, ctb and mania, i suck at every single gamemode in osu!.
7) i'm pretty stupid when it comes to just about anything that seems easy.
8) i rarely go out to do shit
9) at the moment i'm single, straight (or lesbian [likes girls/grills], whichever way you think is simpler), possibly ready to conversate, but not mingle. yet ;)
10) (edit:) i'm one of those shitty forum spammers.
1. I am a woman
2. I am 12 years old recently.
3. I like literature
4. I like to go out a lot on Saturdays and Sundays
5. I have a nice compliment with Finn Wolfhard.
6. My favorite color is light green, or anything that has to do with green.
7. I hate pink, that color is overrated in my opinion.
8. I listen to any music and I do not care about the genre in particular.
9. I have started reading all kinds of books since I was 7 years old.
10. I have been caught by the police at age 10 for stealing more than 2 books in a library. It was fun.
I like sleeping.
But I don't like keep laying in the bed after I woke up.
I love chocolate. Especially with caramel.
I'm a nobody without a cat. Feeling pretty lonely because of that since two years.
About three years ago, I wasn't able to say a correct word in English, but I improved a lot that time.
I keep dreaming of things. I always say "oh, I would like to....draw, dance in a cool way, etc ..." but I don't do anything for it.
I am lazy.
Everytime I see something special I need to take a photo of it.
I always want to start reading books. But as I said, too lazy.
I'm a nerd.

gur0 1s c00lio

Lyawi wrote:

gur0 1s c00lio
well all i have to say, is 10 facts about lyawi almost totally personalizes myself

1. i like to sleep
2. It takes me about 2 minutes to get out of bed though
3. i'm one of the more big chocolate lovers you'd meet
4. i'm big into dogs
5. Lazy
6. i'm of course a computer nerd.
7. i'd read more books, but i'm always busy with school
8. when i was little, instead of pronouncing my name "ryan", i pronounced it as "wyan" lol
9. I'm the biggest gamer you'd ever meet
10. If i weren't always bored and lazy, i'd get out more.
1. I like purple
2. I'm very indecisive, as shown by my multi-fandom avatar.
3. I'm a humongous arachnophobe.
4. Of all the places I have issues being hit at, I'm very sensitive in and around the nose.
5. I'm a weeb
6. I'm a nerd.
7. I dunno the difference between a geek and a nerd.
8. I play a lot of Steam games with the two highest playtime recently going to TF2 and Prominence Poker.
9. I like RWBY
10. I have a backburner for anime the size of California, regular television backburner the size of Kansas, and a comic backburner the size of Canada.
1. I don't know whether I'm a human or a circle
2. I play osu for some reason
3. I skipped 2
4. You just went and checked
5. I know that you're reading this
6. I'm an idiot clicking circles I guess
7. I skipped 5
8. You went back and checked
10. I know you are a human
11. This isn't 10 facts
1. i play ctb
2. i am female individual
3. my name is julitta
4. i was born originally in australia (queensland)
5. im 20½
6. i am 6'2
7. i love osu!
8. my computer registers 18ms of latency for osu!
9. classic rock is best
10. fuck you
1. not pp farmer
2. i like mapping
3. mostly use IRC to chat with osu friend
4. indomie lover
5. male
6. Vocalmapping Lover
7. friendly
8. teen
9. i want to be mafia/yakuza
10. i need money
1. I suck
2. I suck
3. I suck
4. I got a D on the tutorial
5. I suck
6. I suck
7. I succ
8. I sipp
9. I have angery on dis gaem
10. I stricc bacc
1. I'm male.

2. I'm an artist and a musician.

3. I'm fourteen years old as of now.

4. I'm pretty high-key depressed, but I'm not suicidal. I concluded that death would be as pointless as life was.

5. I'm lazy, and I never get anything done because of that, meaning my responsibilities are usually things I'll wind up avoiding.

6. I'm failing in school, even though I'm pretty good at math and mostly everything being taught is something I already know. This is mostly due to my laziness.

7. I'm usually someone thinking of themselves as unlikeable, though that may just be me putting myself down, I genuinely think my presence bothers some people.

8. I'm apathetic, so in most cases where I should be emotionally breaking down, I wind up not feeling anything, as I've become somewhat indifferent of my shitty circumstances.

9. I'm actually really open to talking to new people, even though I may be kinda anti-social and introverted, I tend to open up about problems easily to friends and I don't really have any issues with talking to random strangers.

10. I'm someone who would like to think I'm fairly honest about myself. I speak my mind fairly often, and in debates, I wind up being pretty stubborn since I'll usually have a solidified opinion in mind. I try to make sure I keep my promises, though I'd still consider myself as untrustworthy and unreliable.
1. I

2. a
3. m

4. v
5. e
6. r
7. y

8. G
9. A
10. Y
1. Female
2. Medical Student
3. Osu mania player
4. Tsundere
5. I love collecting lipstick
6. I eat rice a lot
7. From Indonesia
8. Can speak English
9. Like PewDiePie
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