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I already posted here,but I will add some more facts :P

1) People on Osu! who are younger than me (especially female players) calls me Tornii-chan

2) I got too many life stories to tell people.Some of them are mine,some of them belongs to my friends but they are stories that actually happened.

3) I can actually aim-stream-speed like a 3-4 digit player but I cannot get a control of my right hand.It was my problem since my birth. So there is a chanche for me to easily FC 6* songs or fail on 4.5* songs.

4) If my mutual friends are banned,I dont ignore them.I try contact them much as I can on different platforms.Because,Banned players arent bad people.They are just not getting allowed to play this game with an account.So,Im not someone who would sell out his friend due a game.

5) I only obey rules that looks logical to me.If I dont think it is logical,I ignore it and wont mind If I get a dislike/silence.

6) I got a piercing on my right ear SINCE MY BIRTH.It isnt full pierced but I can actually wear earrings on it.

7) I can be an extremely good troll.But people on this forum are way too weak to understand my trollings :D But I always appologize if It seems serious against them

8) I am a very calm, respecting and sacrificing person.If something puts me on anger,crying or any other serious emotion; it isnt my fault.It is the fault of who putted me on that situation.

9) I always keep a promise and I would feel bad on the other world If I dont accomplish my promises.

10) As though I am wise,matured and a very nice person; I am actually a looser on real life
It's DEAD.
roast time~

1.ima boi
2.too old for videogames
3.this nickname was a mistake
5.hate people cuz most of are dishonest and selfish
6.the think hate most in my life is the connection i own.
7.can't gramar in any of 3languages i speak(ukrain,italien,english)
8.can't go sleep in before watch anime most of times(dislike fanservice ones)
9.can't kill my self(fk curiosity)
10.never got laid

think its all z,z
1. I am fine
2. I have blue eyes
3. I have glasses
4. I am shy often
5. I am working at Paris
6. I am helpful
7. I speak French / English
8. I am tall but a bit skinny
9. I don't "play" osu!
10. I like vocaloid/rock music

Anything else ?
i always wear jackets sometimes if its hot
i always bring my phone with me whenever i go
i dont join my friends to go to cinemas
i dont join my friends to go too far away 'cause its kinda bad to leave my dog alone in my home
i dont have friends anymore because they always get bored of me so lol
i have crippling depression
i actually have a talent (eating, sleeping, drawing, studying)
im not the type of person that everyone think i am
i like to act as the grandfather/father of the group wherever (like how i treat people. even in irl im like that lol)
i dont hide the fact that i like k-pop (because when you say you like k-pop many people thinks ur gay because BTS is a famous k-pop band in the Philippines and some haters think they are gay and stuffs 'cause of makeup and other shitty contents, but later that they know i target k-pop for those sexy 3d grill legs)
1. I am a girl

2. I hate my life.

3. I'm 4.10, yes I know, I'm short asf.

4. I'm Mexican but I'm born in America &' I speak Spanish and English.

5. I have dark brown eyes but in the sunlight it's light brown .. I have black hair but my natural hair color is light brown.

6. I was born on feb 10, 2001

7. I want to die in a hole or jump off a cliff.

8. I love sushi expect salmon ..

9. My size shoe is 4 1/2

10. My name is Michelle, but some calls me culo (:
oi boi
1. im a guy
2. im 12
3. i use the osu tablet
4. i have 4 brothers
5. i have never met my sister
6. i live in australia
7. i have shit internet
8. i enjoy csgo
9. my favorite youtuber is theodd1sout
10. i play the drum

SlyTaco wrote:

1. im a guy
2. im 12
3. i use the osu tablet
4. i have 4 brothers
5. i have never met my sister
6. i live in australia
7. i have shit internet
8. i enjoy csgo
9. my favorite youtuber is theodd1sout
10. i play the drum
Theodd1sout is soooo great

1. I'm not usually on the osu! forum
2. I'm a taiko player
3. I don't rly like to play video games alone
4. I have depression and self-esteem troubles (but i'm going well atm)
5. I like to draw on computer
6. I enjoy LoL
7. I live in France but I have 3 nationalities x)
8. I'm not going to college anymore (for this year)
9. I will study animation next year
10. I LOVE ANIMALS (must protect doggos)
I'm late to the party... Awww man

It's interesting to know about you guys better

Here's about me :

1. I am a human, girl or boy doesn't matter LOL
2. I live in Indonesia, but I openly express resentment towards my own country
3. I'm a university student, not that much of an overachiever
4. I love rhythm games (DJ Max Portable Series, Cytus, Deemo, you name it)
5. I'm competitive by nature, I used to go crazy on pp but I'm getting better
6. I once raged quit osu and returned after 3 months
7. I like having a deep talk with anyone
8. I'm a loner by nature, but I can still be sociable
9. I'm turning 20 soon yay
10. I aspire to be the big 500 in my country ranking (osu standard)
1. I'm african-american
2. I like (cute) eyeballs
3. I love rhythm games.
4. I love J-fashion and could talk about it all day
5. I'm an cosplayer (sorta)
7. I like idol and magical girl anime.
8. I change my laptop wallpaper every few weeks
9. I'm a huge gamer.
10. I love cartoons & anime from the 80s & 90s
well i dont know human somtime can be wierd.
lets to the point.
10 facts about myself :
1. im childsh even im collage student
2. i love eat
3. i like playing game
4. i have a bad eyesight
5. my aim really shaking so much..
6. i cant stream yet.. and my acc really bad
7. my favorite food is nasipadang
8. im indonesian people
9. i cant write english
10. my english really bad
10 Facts about me:

1- I play osu
Hm....... idk
10 Facts about me:

1.People seem to be unable to distinguish where I'm from.
2.My name is a combination of a Japanese brand and a Chinese family name (not nickname, its in my passport)
3.Actually Malaysian but started here.
4.I play osu! so intense that sometimes I actually injure my fingers.
5.My accuracy sucks (cant control my left hand)
6. I cannot speak some languages fluently but can understand people's conversations in those languages.
7. I am a wizard....abracadabra... ohh....T_T
8. My favorite food is ayam penyet. Sedap! XD
9. INTROVERT but very open to any cultures (otakus included :))
10. My best friends are mostly otakus (result of no 9)
Nate Bait
Welp...here I go I guess...?

1. I'm male.
2. My favorite music type(s) are chiptune, dubstep, orchestral, and a bit of J-Pop.
3. I am mostly a beatmapper.
4. I play violin and piano.
5. I'm bipolar. (Unfortunately... :| )
6. I'm not competitive on osu!, instead I play for fun.
7. The music games I play are osu! and Soundodger+.
8. I typed this reply on my phone.
9. As of right now I can play beatmaps around the 3-4 star range.
10. I have no fact 10.

Yeah, that's all I have. Heh :D
[ Noxious ]
1. Male
2. I'm 100% indo
3. I live in china
4. My chinese is sucks, I'm still learning it
5. Like almost any type of music except jazz, country and dark ambient-like music. And I mostly listen to rock and metal
6. I'm short (my height only 163 cm lol)
7. I already broke my keyboard once (rip kb)
8. Not pretty social person (and I think most of us here as well)
9. Rarely watch animes after playing osu but right now I started to watch again (because I rarely play osu)
10. I'm really good on taiko, mania and ctb but sucks on std
1. Dislike Ranked Beatmaps in all gamemodes.
2. Dislike anime
3. Only 4K mania player.
4. Rarely play multi with strangers
5. I am Turkish
6. Only listen to Thrash / Death metal in my freetime.
7. I rarely add people into my friendlist.
8.Im a fulltime worker
9. I suck at Jumpstreams and Jacks
10.I love cats so much :)
1. I don't like sharing facts about me
10. I hate osu
1. I'm girl
2. I'm potato
10. desu.
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