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1. I bought my first laptop for play osu
2. osu is first my online game
3. I was born at home instead of hospital
4. I dont like hot weather since i was born
5. I like japanese culture so much
6. And i dont really like my own country's cultures
7. I like Flashlight mode in CtB especially HDFL before, now i suck at them
8. I like languages which have unicode words like Japanese and Chinese
9. I like animals who have fur such as cat, dog, rabbit
10. I'm girl and i dont like yaoi
1. osu! is my first non-Steam game that I'm addicted in.
2. I love swearing but I don't swear much online
3. I can't deny people. :<
4. I don't like to trouble people.
5. Ever since I was born, I have never been admitted to a hospital.
6. I live alone.
7. I think I have good English.
8. Born on 15 November
9. I love to use the phrase "I like turtles"
10. I can't speak my country's language perfectly
Zheng Jiang
Fact 1: I can come up with a bad pun in less than 10 seconds.;
Fact 2: My name is not Zain;
Fact 3: I love myself;
Fact 4: I love Kwan puns;
Fact 5: I love memes;
Fact 6: I am a male;
Fact 7: I am a Singed main in League of Legends :^);
Fact 8: I hate my country's native language;
Fact 9: I hate coffee and love bitter green tea;
Fact 10: I like talking to people.
1. My name sounds reasonably stupid in english.
2. I like to put ridiculous amount of effort into meaningless things.
3. I love touhou remixes tho i never played the game.
4. I hate plebs yet i'm one of them.
5. I'm an active mapper who havent learned the basics in more then a year.
6. My waifu is Toyosatomimi no Miko and yes, my avatar is cute.
7. If i mod your map ill waste 2 hours of your life.
8. I need friends but im afraid to talk to people.
9. I'm very emotional and easily offended.
10. I spent 20 minutes to write this.
1. My real name is Luke

2. I've had this account for a year however only started playing again under a month ago

3. I'm Canadian and my goal is to rek Azer real good

4. I'm 15 almost 16

5. I study IT and neurology in my free time

6. I play osu for 2-10 hours a day

7. I'm a scrub

8. SAO and angel beats are two of my favourite anime

9. My accuracy is like two times better than my tapping however that's not saying my accuracy is good

10. Otaku 4 life
1 - I'm stinky.
2 - I'm everywhere at the same time.
3 - When I'm near, everyone know.
4 - Everyone hate me.They go away. :C
5 - I don't know why I have fingers to play Osu.
6 - I hate eroge.
7 - Eroge hate me.
8 - My waifu is someone's ass.
9 - I live everywhere.
10 - I don't know my name.
My last post here was quite a long time ago, so I'll try it again:

1) I'm male.
2) My name's Jamie.
3) I'm autistic.
4) I'm 14 as of now.
5) I don't play osu! often anymore.
6) I like fast-paced games.
7) My favourite subject in school is RE.
8) My favourite colour is pink.
9) I have a plethora of bad habits.
10) I'm yet to find something that I find genuinely offensive.
1 - I suck @ osu
2 - I like music games.
3 - I have no social life.
4 - Everyone hate me.
5 - I don't drink any kind of soda since December 2015.
6 - Computer and techonlogy is my love.
7 - Graphic design in past was my favorite thing to do.
8 - I love singing, but I never sing.
9 - I talk a way to fast, sometimes even unclear. Kudos to you if you get me.
10 - I'm a male.
1) I'm a female although most of people tend to assume I'm the opposite.
2) Most of my clothing is handmade made by myself. That's right, I make tshirts and stuff.
3) I'm a person that feels empathy easily over others, specially when it comes to animals.
4) I'm also very emotional and sensitive.
5) I'm too bland. My excessive kindness always leads me to problems. I want to be like this only with those who deserve it, not everyone. I've been focusing on changing since 2 weeks ago or 3.
6) I have a body of a ~15 years old although I'm about to turn 20. I'm still waiting to grow up..
7) I'm a mapper.
8) I'm also a digital artist and aspiring graphical designer.
9) Being shy is part of my nature but I consider myself good at relating with people.
10) I'm usually troubled by my thoughts and tend to overthink things, but I don't shove it into my friends' faces because I never feel like talking about what burdens me, as it would end up being a nuisance for them.
1. i am a girl
2. stupid in games
3. love anime
4. love manga
5. one ok rock's fans
6. i am affraid become hikkikoumori
7. i like number 7
8. i am from bali
9. i just my self
10. i am not cute
1: im mexican
2: im a boy
3: i like music/rhythm games
4: i play osu! 8 months ago
5: i practice skate
6: blue is my favorite color
7: im only have one motivation and it's my girlfriend
8: i fkng hate the school
9: i like cigarrettes <3
10: i like so much Apple juice :3
1: I cant stream
2: I cant get pp
3: I cry myself to sleep every night I don't get pp
4: my pillow is wet
5: I am a memelord
6: My sons name will be Pepe
7: I am married to my waifu Hirasawa Ui.
8: I like birds
9: I hate my mouse because it tracks like shit.
10:I really don't have a life I just live on the pc, like a pc part.
1: if there was a morbidly underweight bmi, i would be in it
2: i dont really care about other people but i care about how i am thought of by others
3: im really fucking edgy
4: im 6ft
5: im 19 but look 16
6: cant play osu for longer than 20mins a day despite really enjoying the game
7: i dont use grammar because i think sentences look better without it (?????)
8: i was really popular in school and now im a fucking loser :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
9: i would turn gay for bjergsen
10: im really really bad with money
1. I'm a girl
2. I suck at everything I do and my only talent is drawing-ish
3. I don't go to school
4. I copied my haircut from a jpop idol I'm a fan of
5. I believe I have superior music taste
6. I'm not a caring person but I enjoy making people happy
7. I love to read
8. Sleeping is my favorite pass time
9. I'm dense af
10. I always get what I want :)
1. I'm a tomboy
2. I know English better than my native language
3. I have a cat
4. I love Asian music, especially Chinese and Japanese
5. I'm really moody
6. I'm really blunt
7. My hobbies are drawing and occasionally singing
8. I love anything related to gore/guro
9. I'm really picky when it comes to art style
10. I'm perverted af
1. I collect vinyl records.
2. My favorite kool-aid flavor is invisible grape.
3. I like to add some sugar when I fry bacon.
5. The best cereals are obviously strawberry frosted mini-wheats.
6. I want to have a career in network engineering, but my dream career will always be movie director.
7. I never eat breakfast.
8. Stealth and RPG are my favorite types of games.
9. I like the 80s. They looked fun.
10. Billy Idol is my only idol.
  1. People always misinterpret my music taste by my looks and I hate it.
  2. I make music myself too tbh.
  3. I "dress" in delicate and pretty colours on the internet although most of my clothes are black.
  4. Lately ended a 3-year-break from watching anime.
  5. I'm less social on the internet than I am in real life.
  6. I can't understand why are literally everyone still wearing jackets when it's already like +1 outdoors.
  7. Got kicked out from home before graduating, and now that I've graduated as well, I'm both homeless and unemployed!
  8. I'm constantly eating something and I'm still underweight.
  9. I've studied a total of 7 languages in addition to my native one.
  10. I make shitty abstract pictures in 1080p once a day, as long as I can.
Alright, I guess I'll start this :>

1. I'm Ur-mom
2. I freeski
3. I live in Us
4. I just typed 3 fact in less than a minute
5. this is fact five
6. I'm now over halfway done
5. This is fact 5 not 7
8. I'm your mother
9. this is 9
10. this is the end

ur-mom wrote:

Alright, I guess I'll start this :>

1. I'm Ur-mom
2. I freeski
3. I live in Us
4. I just typed 3 fact in less than a minute
5. this is fact five
6. I'm now over halfway done
5. This is fact 5 not 7
8. I'm your mother
9. this is 9
10. this is the end
Hum, ok ?

Zain Sugieres wrote:

Fact 4: I love Kwan puns;
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