Osu! Scandinavian Tournament 2015! Bowling Dragon Lords win!

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Welcome to the 3rd Osu! Scandinavian Tournament - 2015!

Here we go with yet another osu! Scandinavian Tournament thread.

CXu's template for tournaments is really nice.

1. How does it work?

We wíll begin by signing up teams as shown in paragraph 3. The teams will consist of up to three players each. You're free to sign up if you are from the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Åland Islands! (Finland officially included now!)

2. General Information/Rules

  1. As of now, the tournament will begin at 2nd January 2015, and hopefully we will be out of the groupstages throughout the winter break.
  2. Registrations will stay open until we have atleast enough teams to run a successful tournament.
  3. Teams will consist of up to three players from Scandinavia only.
  4. the matches will be played 2v2
  5. You may participate in one team only.
  6. Make sure you have enough time at hand for this so the tournament can run at a decent pace.
  7. New rules might be added on the go, so please check this thread frequently. Any changes will be notified.
  8. Be nice to each other. Remember that we're all doing this for the fun!

3. How do I register?

To register your team, please post in this topic with the following format:
[notice][size=150][b][color=#BF0080]Team Name:[/color][/b] *insert name*[/size]
[b]Player #1[/b] - [profile]*insert name*[/profile]
[b]Player #2[/b] - [profile]*insert name*[/profile]
[i]*insert a short comment here.*[/i][/notice]
If done properly, you should have something like this:

Team Name: *insert name*
Player #1 - *insert name*
Player #2 - *insert name*
*insert a short comment here.*

NOTE: Due to multiplayer room character limit of 50 characters, team names will have to be cut at around 18~20 characters.
Alternatively you can put a short version of your name in brackets in your registration form

4. Match Information/Rules

  1. The group stages will be set up traditionally with 4 teams each. Every team will play against eachother once.
  2. During the match, both teams will be in a multiplayer game; "Team vs." and win condition set to "Score".
  3. Each team will select a set number of maps from a predetermined mappool to play during their match. You are not allowed to choose a map that your opponent have chosen.
  4. You're allowed to pick 2 mod picks from each mod pool each team. Nomod is excluded from this, but you're not allowed to pick the same song twice either.
  5. if you're team has three players you're allowed to switch players once before every map
  6. In case of a tie, a predetermined tiebreaker map will be played.
  7. The mappool will consist of both easy and hard maps, to make the tournament fun for as many people as possible. The mappool will be changed every round.
  8. If there is a disconnect or other disturbance during the match, a rematch is possible if both teams agree. Do note that on the slightest notice of abuse, your team will be instantly disqualified.
  9. Postponing a match is most likely not possible in the group stages. If there is an extreme need to postpone i'll try to fix something, but it won't be done without a valid reason. This is because we want to hold the group stages in the same week
  10. If possible, I (Kotayo) or any other tournament staff will be staying with you in the multiplayer match as a referee. Of course, we're not participating in the actual game.
  11. Final decisions can be made by the referee in the match to avoid a discussion breaking out

5. May I help?

Feel free to post in this thread if you want to help with one of the following points:
  1. Prizes - I will contribute with prizes to the winners, but it would add to the suspense if the prize pot increased a bit. All donations are welcome!
  2. Logo - Feel free to make make a logo for the tournament!
  3. Streaming (?) - streaming will be done, i will either do it myself as with SSO ot let someone else do it. I'd rather have someone else do it because my internet isn't the best and i don't want the stream to look shitty like the SSO one

6. Prizes

#1 - 6 months of supporter to each player
#2 - 3 months
#3 - 2 months

7. Participating Teams

Team Name: Harakat-Holdet
Player #1 - DipG
Player #2 - Mayoi Hachikuji
Skal vi harakat dig eller hvad?!
Team Name: The Return of Tina
Player #1 - Tonarinototoro
Player #2 - TimG
His name is not even Tim, and Cerkie doesn't even own a car.
Team Name: Bowling Dragon Lords
Player #1 - Xytox
Player #2 - Gnuu
Player #3 - Slizzer
Xytox sucks and Gnuu will carry. (Now featuring Slizzer)
Team Name: DATTEBAYO!!
Player #1 - Lord_Sasuke
Player #2 - AnimeBoy99
we are not so good but we will try our best!! ^^
Team Name:Team Poze(Pi)
Player #1 - 31415926535897
Player #2 - Pozepi
Player #3 - Kimmie
Remember, loosing is fin!~
Team Name: Hentai QTs
Player #1 - Gyuunyu
Player #2 - Kenpwe
Gods of Hentai, All hail Tasper and Tichie!~
Team Name: DancinMans
Player #1 - Fuccho
Player #2 - KallellKing
You'll be hot cakes, when we're done with you.
Team Name: :s
Player #1 - -PC
Player #2 - Gumpyyy
(ノಥДಥ)ノ︵ɯooZ ssǝɔuıɹԀ
Team Name: Wrath of Pontus
Player #1 - Yzov
Player #2 - oldalf
Very nice, gummibajs.
Team Name: Jules pls
Player #1 - Blueson
Player #2 - Rosatoppar
I am the batman
Team Name: Team Name
Player #1 - Mystia Lorelei
Player #2 - MillhioreF
a short comment
Team Name: Made in IKEA
Player #1 - jojajim2
Player #2 - sgeg
Built with the worst kind of lumber
Team Name:Team Gurkstaden
Player #1 - Balanced
Player #2 - Drewol
Player #3 - Pannari
Beware of the acc god, and the unknown Balanced and...Pannari :3!
Team Name:diqqi ;9
Player #1 - IppE
Player #2 - osqlol
Nej helvete, vi vet inte hur man ska klicka cirklar
Team Name:hastighet_växel.jpg
Player #1 - Asuna-
Player #2 - Arjy
Du är död. Oh ja, och öl
Team Name: Köttbullar.exe
Player #1 - Arufrog' href='https://osu.ppy.sh/users/%3Ca%20rel%3D%27nofollow%27%20href%3D%27https%3A%2F%2Fosu.ppy.sh%2Fu%2F3252858%27%3EArufrog%3C%2Fa%3E' style=''><a rel='nofollow' href='https://osu.ppy.sh/u/3252858'>Arufrog</a>
Player #2 - Eriasu' href='https://osu.ppy.sh/users/%3Ca%20rel%3D%27nofollow%27%20href%3D%27https%3A%2F%2Fosu.ppy.sh%2Fu%2F4280434%27%3EEriasu%3C%2Fa%3E' style=''><a rel='nofollow' href='https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4280434'>Eriasu</a>
fresh köttbullar mayn
Team Name: Random Swedish Team
Player #1 - Warpyc
Player #2 - GrimmjowJagger
Grimmjow will carry me #2v2 HYPE
Team Name: CTB FTW
Player #1 - lanki33
Player #2 - BLACK-NINJA3000
Lets catch those circles!
Team Name: Baka.dmg
Player #1 - BennyBananas
Player #2 - Taboki
The Apple faggots! o/
Player #1 - Razor Sharp
Player #2 - K i u i
Streaming till we age 50!
Team Name: Asian Triads
Player #1 - Mrs Sparrow 0w0
Player #2 - CXu
Player #3 - KinomiCandy
We asian triads see you =_=
Team Name: Team FrankerZ
Player #1 - Kevs
Player #2 - l1mi
Player #3 - iaceo
FrankerZ FrankerZ FrankerZ
Team Name: Darude Sandstorms
Player #1 - Exclusive
Player #2 - PerPus
Wait, who the fuck is Per?
Team Name: whatnameisthiseven
Player #1 - Leetra
Player #2 - kriers
Player #3 - AndreasHD
ayy lmao m8
Team Name: skånepojke95
Player #1 - Thomasz
Player #2 - Foeni
klara vappen, we hot
Team Name: Tacyu and Magma
Player #1 - Tacyu
Player #2 - Only1Magma
Vi har inte välfärden med oss
Team Name: Øl emballasje
Player #1 - Zerzxes
Player #2 - Harkez
Insert beer here pls
Team Name:=^● ⋏ ●^=
Player #1 - Vanillaire
Player #2 - Zakuro
Team Name: Swemark
Player #1 - SnickarN
Player #2 - Cerkie
Cerkie will carry in his sleep
Team Name: KokosGyuunyu
Player #1 - Bluuh
Player #2 - Suzutarte
snibedi snabs wer ar the burger? :---DDD
Team Name: The Fine Ladies
Player #1 - Enju-chan
Player #2 - GamblaH
We are ready to have some funns :>
Team Name: Emergency Team
Player #1 - Kotayo
Player #2 - Omgforz
emergency filler team

8. Tournament Staff

  1. Organizer: Kotayo
  2. Map Selectors: Kotayo
  3. Referees: Kotayo, Nyari, Slizzer
  4. Streamers: Kotayo, Gumpyyy, Nyari
  5. Commentators: Kotayo, Omgforz, Zerzxes, Mayoi Hachikuji, Xytox

pls help me ;w;

Alright, I think I covered most of it. Let the registrations begin!
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> Seeding <

> Group Standings <

> Group Stage Schedule <

> Tournament Brackets <

> Brackets Time Schedule <

Tournament Setup
  1. The tournament will be played with group stage followed by a double elimination stage
  2. The top 2 teams from each group will go to the double elimination stage
Map Selection
  1. The captains of each team will be allowed 1 warm-up each before the match starts with a map time limit of 3:30 to avoid marathon warm-ups
  2. A !roll will be made to decide which team gets first pick
  3. Teams can then pick up to 2 maps from each mod pool, with the except for nomod which is completely free to pick from
  4. The same map can not be picked twice
  5. The FreeMod pool will force 1 player to play with atleast 1 mod
  6. The pools will follow a 6/3/3/3/3 model throughout all stages, meaning 6 nomod maps, and then 3 maps for each of the other pools (HR, HD, DT and FreeMod)
  7. In case of a tie a tiebreaker map will be played

Group Stage is best of 7

Round of 16 is best of 9

Quarter Finals is best of 9

Semi Finals is best of 11

Finals is best of 11

Mayoi Hachikuji
Team Name: Harakat-Holdet
Player #1 - DipG
Player #2 - Mayoi Hachikuji
Skal vi harakat dig eller hvad?!
Team Name: Team Kawaii Loli Horses
Player #1 - Tonarinototoro
Player #2 - TimG
His name is not even Tim, and Cerkie doesn't even own a car.
Team Name: Bowling Dragon Lords
Player #1 - Xytox
Player #2 - Gnuu
Xytox sucks and Gnuu will carry.

Xytox wrote:

Team Name: Bowling Dragon Lords
Player #1 - Xytox
Player #2 - Gnuu
Xytox sucks and Gnuu will carry.
welp... gl hf
osu!* >:(
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Dolphin wrote:

osu!* >:(
i know but OST looks better than oST
where's mara when you need him

Xytox wrote:

Team Name: Bowling Dragon Lords
Player #1 - Xytox
Player #2 - Gnuu
Xytox sucks and Gnuu will carry.
look out the dragons are back

Kotayo wrote:

Welcome to the 2nd Osu! Scandinavian Tournament - 2014!

Topic Starter
copy pasting is hard ;w;
Team Name: DATTEBAYO!!
Player #1 - Lord_Sasuke
Player #2 - AnimeBoy99
we are not so good but we will try our best!! ^^
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