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JarJarJacob wrote:

JInxyjem wrote:

<iluvstrawberryJ> -insert more spam I dont want to type out-
Ooooh, I thought that's what iluvstrawberry actually said. It'd be hilarious if a spammer actually typed that...
09:52 <Cyclone|IRC> : vyt play me
09:53 <Cyclone|IRC> : coming vyt?

Zekira wrote:

09:52 <Cyclone|IRC> : vyt play me
09:53 <Cyclone|IRC> : coming vyt?
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

LuigiHann wrote:

[23:03] <Metroid|W7> I hate my lag, fuck you DSL
[23:03] <vytalibus> Please do not fuck your modems.
[23:03] <strager|irc> vytalibus: I fuck my mom all the time
[23:03] <strager|irc> er
Freudian slip?
strager has an ISP as his mom.

Zekira wrote:

09:52 <Cyclone|IRC> : vyt play me
09:53 <Cyclone|IRC> : coming vyt?
=X <3
[14:32] <Sir_Minelli> SFG is hawt
[14:32] <Sinistro> I know he is
Sinistro's my hero.

#mod wrote:

22:00 < Shinde> strager I'm afraid to mod your map. You're too intimidating.
22:00 < strager> Shinde: Wha
22:00 < ztrot> what
22:00 < ztrot> are you serouis
22:00 < strager> ?
22:00 < strager> How am I intimidating D=
22:00 < strager> Is it because I'm gay?
22:00 < ztrot> strager is anything but intimidating
22:01 < ztrot> wait your gay?
22:01 < Shinde> Really? Hmm.. Maybe I'm just easily intimidated.. What does being gay have to do with intimidation though?
22:01 < strager> uh
22:01 < strager> I was just askin'
22:01 < ztrot> cool i know a homo
22:01 < ztrot> sry
22:01 < ztrot> that was rewal offseve
22:02 < strager> rewal offseve.
22:02 < strager> Yes.
22:02 < ztrot> i aplogize
22:02 < ztrot> you may kill me now starger
Earlier today, Tode caught a squirrel in her gazebo-sized acre of a backyard. I told her to put it in her mouth, among other things. One of the other things was to throw it into the air and then shoryuken it.

15:34 <Todesengal> : Zatoichi
15:34 <Todesengal> : thank you for making today the best day of my life
15:35 <Todesengal> : for by following your instructions, today I punched a squirrel to death
15:35 <awpkun> : that's hardcore
15:35 <awpkun> : pix or u lie
15:35 <Zatoichi> : Holy fuck how was it
15:35 <Todesengal> : I cried with joy
15:35 <adam2046> : you just went beyond the call of duty tode
15:36 <adam2046> : you've been elevated from bunny boiler to squirell puncher
15:36 <Todesengal> : I went out to the trap and kicked the squirrel a couple of times to make it dizzy
15:36 <Todesengal> : so it wouldn't run away if I missed
15:36 <Todesengal> : I opened the trap, picked up the squirrel, and then threw it up in the air
15:36 <awpkun> : <caps>falcooooon</caps>
15:36 <awpkun> : <caps>paaaaance</caps>
15:36 <awpkun> : o
15:36 <awpkun> : h
15:36 <Todesengal> : then, I yelled "SHORYUKEN" as loud as I could and punched it as hard as I could
15:37 <Todesengal> : through stroke of luck and I guess how the squirrel flipped in the air, I ended up punching it in the head
15:37 <Todesengal> : so I either broke its neck or crushed its skull
@Zatoichi's post

After I seeing that in irc today, I'm afraid of Todes =(
I've never seen a squirrel before.

also turns out my neighbor and the guys working on her lawn saw me doing it, so now they have an interesting story to tell at dinner parties :P
18:59 <Echo> is the site slow for you?
19:00 <adam2046> yep
19:00 <adam2046> I can't get things from osudirect either
19:00 <Echo> it does this every night
19:00 <Echo> i wonder why
19:01 <adam2046> when's the china rush hour?

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Yes... yes.. this really looked wrong. Especially the last line.

Otium wrote:

Well uhh this was interesting.
08:34 <ztrot> : lol are the hot circles gonna have eggs?
08:34 <animask> : if its good I'll totally use it as a default
08:34 <ztrot> : hit*
08:34 <animask> : hot circles lol

for the not so "lol" lolz

10:58 <animask> : mind if I fix the mod for your beatmap for you?
10:59 <animask> : even though I just did you should fix it up a bit if it doesn't look right to you
11:01 <Senbon> : It's fine


11:00 <animask> : sorry for late replay but its fine lol
11:01 <Ryuukun> : no
11:01 <Ryuukun> : not fine
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