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to Gelbana

SB lyrics check

00:24:080 - 僕を置いで → 僕を置い
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iyasine wrote:

to Gelbana

SB lyrics check

00:24:080 - 僕を置いで → 僕を置い
Thanks iyasine for finding that. Must have accidentally changed or just completely missed it altogether.

Storyboard update. Re-download please:

Split and tiled bg images so they abide by the less than the 800x600 (or 960x540 not sure but makes no difference) maximum supplied by the ranking criteria.
iyasine_sk collab naming was given drop shadow and made larger for clarity.
Pretty much finalised now and it seems to contain no more unrankable elements on this end.

Edit: Added Tsumetaku updates
Thanks for the stars and mod Sakura :D

Sakura wrote:

From my modding queue:
You can't have both sliderslide and slidertick muted at the same time Removed tick
Why does Insane, Hard, and Extra start 1/2 beat earlier? I thought hard+ players would be able to hit this note thats timed to lyrics over beat; easy player would have a difficult time.

Instead of putting "Stoyboard Gelbana" wouldn't be better to put "Storyboard by Gelbana"? btw really nice storyboard i love it I triend implementing but the two rows seems to fit two words better than three. I think people should still understand the meaning :P

Ranking Criteria wrote:

Storyboard images must be at a reasonable size for their usage. For most uses (e.g. full-screen images), the maximum is 800x600 pixels for 4:3 aspect ratio images, although 640x480 is highly preferred. For widescreen mode (recommended) the maximum is 960x540 pixels for 16:9 aspect ratio images and 960x600 for 16:10 images. The editor is 640x480 at default, so there's really no need to use anything larger for full-screen purposes.
Which means you need to resize: bg.jpg (the one in SB folder), bg2.jpg bgnogirl.jpg, bgnogirlbw.jpg and black.jpg, there's discussion on changing this here, but for now gotta stick to that. Covered previously

[iyasine_sk's Extra]
Holy, this map's awesome. Tho the storyboard that shows who mapped what is barely noticeable midplay, you might wanna try to make it bigger or something. Tried to fix as best as possible. The bottom is the only place that wouldn't be intrusive of the rest of the SB or obscured by the UI while also making sure those who play in 4:3 can still see who mapped what. So I did the changes specified previously; hope it works. It kinda conflicts with the SB style but I guess it's a compromise.
Also it's barely visible at some point: ^

00:54:729 (8,1,2,3) - This back and forth feels annoying to read and play, i suggest you try something else. Got rid of it and tried something else
02:06:566 - Unsnapped timing section, resnap it back. Whoops, fixed
02:00:729 (2,3,4) - I understand what you're going for here, but unfortunately 3 is way too small to look good if you curve it, i suggest keep the curve REAAAALLY small, or just dont curve it at all or try something else in this pattern. I tried something more structured as an example Did something similar while keeping the mini slider.

02:01:864 (3,4,1) - This is really misleading and hard to read. I think it'd be better if you stack 02:01:864 (3,4) And adjust spacing afterwards. Fixed
02:08:350 (1,1) - Needs more recovery time (1.5 beats) (the 1 beat guideline works on 160 bpm, this is faster so it needs more) Fixed

00:29:918 (1,1) - Increase recovery time by 1/2 beat (the 4 beat guideline works on 160 bpm, this is faster so it needs more), also do this with: 00:55:702 (1,1) - , 02:05:917 (1,1) - and 02:31:863 (1,1) - Fixed all
01:14:026 (4) - Biurai Slider and even then try to avoid these sliders on an Easy, open it more Fixed
02:51:323 (1) - ^ Fixed

Really good map, i'll throw some kudosu stars at it, call be back after fixes are applied. Will do! Thanks :D

Sakura wrote:

From my modding queue:

[TmTk's Insane]
00:16:783 (1) - Sorry but this is unacceptable, the slider goes back into itself twice at the end, change that.
00:40:134 (6) - This one needs to change too D:
01:12:567 (6) - This one's not as bad, but i'd prefer if you opened it up a bit more.
02:42:080 (1) - This one looks awkward D: don't see why that shape in this case, try something different?
02:51:161 (1) - ^
No, I didn't miss sliders, only those I pointed out in bold and red are an issue, the others are more of aesthetic stuff. Q______Q I've tried to learn some special slider shape... but seems like i failed orz... all changed by another opened way

01:42:404 (6) - Don't move the slider back into itself like that, specially on a Normal, open it a bit more. uh fixed~

Really good map, i'll throw some kudosu stars at it, call be back after fixes are applied.
Apparently when you fixed the text for the collab you forgot to delete these:
As they are unused now.

Either when i redownloaded it downloaded these again or they were removed last night after i redownloaded, well doesn't matter they are gone now.
@iyasine: Why would you use a finish for 02:32:026 (1) even though there is nothing that can be emphasized nicely with one?

Poke me later \o/

Hinsvar wrote:

@iyasine: Why would you use a finish for 02:32:026 (1) even though there is nothing that can be emphasized nicely with one?
oh...sorry That is my mistake , remove finish :D
Poke me later \o/
Let us pray for the best.
[ Mephisto ]
\(~o~)/ <叶った~
Congratz on first rank :)
Topic Starter
Yay! \o/

Thanks to all mappers and modders!
Special thanks to Sakura and Hinsvar :D
Finally! Big congratulations buddy
Finally! Well done gelbana.
A well deserved rank and awesome sb.
Great song and a really great map. Insane difficulty follows the song rhythm so well :D
2/10 I failed to achieve FC - IGN
01:58:134 (1) - (TmTk's Insane)

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