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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Please hear me out before denying this, I'm not asking for free score deletion without restrictions or anything.
I think a feature to let players delete their own scores is long overdue. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most obvious one would be replacing old scores for higher pp yield - for example deleting a HDHR SS and getting a DT score instead or something.

I think it would make sense to give us the ability to delete a limited number of scores per month, as long as these scores fulfill certain criteria.
The first factor should, in my opinion, be the age of the score. It makes little sense to force people to hold onto age-old scores if they don't want to keep them. Super old scores rarely if ever reflect current skill anyway. I believe that you should be free to delete scores older than, say, 2 or 3 years. I also think that this time limit should be lowered by a certain amount for every of the following properties the score has:
  1. A low (letter) rank on the map - I have seen several newcomers quit after getting a few C and D ranks in multiplayer that they just couldn't get rid of; this would make the system more forgiving. Most of the following criteria are related to this, actually.
  2. Maps way out of the player's skill range - Since we now have a decent star system and skill estimation, why force people to keep scores that are just way out of their usual skill range? This should go both ways - don't force top players to keep scores on [Easy] diffs, and don't force newbies to keep that random score on a low-drain [Insane] that they somehow mashed through.
  3. Low pp scores - If it's not in your top 50 or even 100 pp scores it doesn't represent your current skill, so why force us to keep these scores? The lower the pp value compared to your average, the earlier you should be able to delete the score.
  4. Scores with difficulty reduction mods - Remember that stupid No Fail score on Big Black you got when you just started the game? Would be nice to be able to delete that, right?
  5. Converted maps in special modes - Let's face it, conversions are terrible. Unless you are playing CtB, but even that mode has some super-shitty conversions.

And maybe give us one limit-free score deletion every three months or something for those HDHR -> DT upgrades I mentioned, since those scores rarely fit into these categories.

I really hope you are willing to consider this. Thanks.
It makes no sense to delete scores; just do better scores in place of them if you're not satisfied.

Also, mod-specific scoreboards are supposedly around the corner. I could be wrong about that though.
So you think it makes sense to have top players keep all their [Easy] A rank scores from their Newbie days that they are never gonna touch again because the maps are too boring? Or that everyone who No Fail scored on Freedom Dive should absolutely have to keep that until they are a top player? Or that special mode players should keep scores on maps that are complete bullshit and sometimes literally impossible to FC (I rermember seeing CtB conversions where fruit were actually uncatchable due to positioning)?
One word... no

Why? I'm proud of my scores, even if i rank C or D on a map, i'm still proud :3
I didn't ask for automatic deletion, so you could keep your scores if you are proud of them.
who cares if you have an A or a D

it has been said over and over that there is no reason to delete scores, however with the pp system it may be handy to be able to delete a score only if the pp gained is higher than the previous

also all your examples are examples of not wanting to see a bad grade, despite it having absolutely no negative impact on the user with the score. If you decided to be a perfectionist, you should have started before you made those regrettable scores.
I personally don't even care about my own bad grades, I just have seen way too many people quit after getting demotivated by too many stupid scores.
The only scores I'd personally want to get rid of are those on converted maps (many of those maps are actually so terrible that I'd rather have no score on them than an SS lol).
Deleting past legit scores doesn't make sense, it's a record of one's action. If a player doesn't want to improve an old score, he/she will just have to learn not to make more records like that. There're many ways to do that already (playing offline, failing once in multiplayer, quit at the end of the songs, you name it) and it's mostly personal preferences rather than necessity.

I've read through the whole thread but still can't see any good reason to have this.
sorry, but this is not how online games work. The post above sums it up
You cannot delete scores for the following reasons:

1. They are a part of your profile, along with being a part of score ranking.
2. As this game has rankings and is a competitive atmosphere online, we can't unless they are faulty scores. Because anyone can go and delete all their hard earned scores and mess up their ranking.
3. If it's related to "pp maps" or pp in general, just play other maps for now (and even give comments in the performance discussion thread too)
4. Why would you want to remove something you worked so hard on?
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