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After much tedious work and checking, I have finally been able to discover the speed of the Catch the Beat character Yuzu we all know and love (Or Ryuuta if you're old school)

http://puu.sh/bLPQB/74b8b5869e.osz Located here is an example map, coupled with the song ASTROSEXY by m-flo and CHEMISTRY, A map known notably for having perfect walking patterns in CtB. This is because, at a slider velocity of 2.50x and BPM 120, this is actually the catcher's speed, no more, no less.

The map is set to use 2.50x slider velocity as well as use 1.00x for the whole map. (timing points and BG shamelessly ripped from mtmcl's map but that's beside the point)

The first set of notes is a perfect walking distance (500 units per second) as the auto-catcher does not appear to stutter or dash.

The second set of notes is further by only one pixel (502 units total) and the auto-catcher will proceed to dash for less than a frame from each fruit (it's visible) for the necessary distance of the extra pixel on each fruit movement.

The third set of notes is a perfect dash of 2.00x walk speed. (1000 units)

The fourth set of notes is an example of a "pixel jump", but a rather mild one, only 2.024x (1012 units total)

The final long set of notes begins with the default of 500 pixels per half second jump, and continually increases. These are continually increasing "pixel jumps" that will eventually become hyper dashes depending on the circle size, which the auto-catcher will continually "cheat" at. Since the catcher needs to catch the middle of the fruit on the edge of the platter, you will see hyper dashes when it can not longer catch both fruits on the ends of the plate (the fruit size) Feel free to play with the circle size and check your results!

So, case in point, the catcher moves 500 units per second (120bpm SV2.50x) and 2.00x the speed when dashing, or 1000 units per second (120bpm SV5.00x or 240bpm SV2.50x)

This also means you can set the BPM to 300 and the slider velocity to 1.00x to get the same result.

P.S. 400th post WOO!
ah :D thanks a lot for the information
Sadly I cannot really learn from anything in ctb s.s

Still, very well said
Well,that was enlightening.
What is the pount of this? Every song is different so I dunno what can I get from knowing this.

Kurokami wrote:

What is the pount of this? Every song is different so I dunno what can I get from knowing this.
Helps with mapping I guess.

If you want a perfect sliderwalk this is actually really helpful.

I'll forget about this though.
Nah, you can't do a perfect sidewalk w/o actual testing. You need to test how it is working on that specific bpm even if you know this and then again what's the point? If you need to test anyway knowing this is useless or maybe I'm just too baka.

Anyway, at least someone did this. Maybe one day I will think about this as a useful information.
Well, with this you can see how annoying/hard your sliderwalks are... actually no, you'd need to make a list which combinations are "ideal"; then you could.

Meh, maybe its not that usefull, but its interresting trivia.
You're right Kuro, you don't need to be that precise to map but the thing still interresting as it shows the limit of the ryuuta, wich can be useful for other things (like modding or making a ctb editor)
What's the point? Now you can write a book about relation SV ~ BPM xD Also nice base to think of a map Masa - Kitsune no Yomeiri
Maybe for modding yeah, as Draf said. Although I wonder when someone will use this to mod. :3 It will be interesting for sure.

But for the editor I think this will be useless if it will be based on the current one.
Well you can actually know when a jump will be a pixel jump though. It's usually a good idea to avoid these, especially when it becomes borderline. That's news I wanted to know, especially how rampant I make my maps. I want to to be able to alleviate the problem on when a jump will usually need a dash or when you'll be able to walk. This information was useful to me since I love mapping sliders to walking or dashing speeds. for the longest while I found it very difficult to do so (Oh, and if you set the slider velocity to this, your 1.00x distance snap is VERY HANDY)

If a CtB editor ever does come in to play, it would be interesting to see if this 500 unit per second thing will see any light in it. :)
From this I'm assuming that the maximum spacing for a perfect walk/dash would be:

speed / bps
500 / ( bpm / 60 )

May help with mapping.
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