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Update v1.3
I think the skin is complete now. ^^
I absolutely like your mod!

especially the little marisa on the broom is adorable :)

but.. it was really bugging me that I didn't saw the Hit Numbers just the stars, so I made a quick little improvement for myself.

they look like this..

I know its not perfect or something alike, but I needed the numbers and maybe others find it useful too :s
I love it
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derkaho wrote:

but.. it was really bugging me that I didn't saw the Hit Numbers just the stars, so I made a quick little improvement for myself.
If someone else want numbers on stars, I will make them ^^

SteRRuM wrote:

I love it
Thanks ^.^
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(yay double post... D:)
So, I have made hit stars with numbers.

Download on first page.
What do you think about them?

(If I only find a little more time I will update my skins >.>)
I really like you'r numbered stars except the 300 Combo Finisher, somehow the Hakkero seems out of place :?
But it's a great solution to add extra stars to the edges for the other row-stars :D

thank you!

p.s.: I just wanna mention again how I'm in love with little slider marisa, she encourages me in every map ♥♥♥

edit: where do you peple get those nice touhou fan signatures :o?
Marisa is so cute . I'm gonna use this. Thx :):)
Awesome skin,thank you.

Verdisphena wrote:

it say the ini file is lost- -
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Did you try to redownload? Check the skin folder for file "skin.ini".
If that not help, pm me and I will upload that file for you. ^^
Tomoya Okazaki
skins filled with a sprinkling of stars that shine ;)
I think the skin on this one even has you fix :)

I feel I have not needed any more changes
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Well actually I almost finished the update. ^^'
Mostly there will be corrections of score numbers/stars, more combobursts, etc.
Tomoya Okazaki
oh :o
well tell me or send PM to me when you make something new ;)
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After loooong time... Update!
Lots of corrections. Check out the first post for changes and download links (new video and screenshots too, of course)
Ahhh....Btw can't you make the patch??
so you make the new change by make it in a new .rar file just like reimu skin patch

so there will be a full version of marisa kirisame v1.4 and a patch for who has download v1.3 and want to change it into v1.4
because my internet connection is very slow and I even can't download a 12.3 MB file -.-"
I actually tried making a patch but MLGnom changed or edited pretty much everything aside from the hitcircle numbers for what I can see so it wouldn't really help much V:
thanks I'll download it after my internet connection got normal :D
Hey MLG, could you pls give me the elements of the old skin with the ctb stars?
I need them :I
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At the bottom of first post you have old version. ^^'

Here : Old version v1.3
omg :O Looks amazing <3 downloading~
Thank you for such cool skin! ;)
how to use it at osu ??? :cry::|:?:

novira-chn wrote:

how to use it at osu ??? :cry::|:?:
Have a look here: t/119800

dMaxb wrote:

God made @0@

...wait what happened to the animated marisa HP bar!?
It's in the Alternative Parts Folder.
awesome skins :)
this skin is AWESOME
i'm gonna use this forever :D
Nice Skin!

Good Job! I'll use it for a long time! :)

Minions Kawaii
:oops::oops::oops: good skin :D
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