Unable to play certain maps because of muscle memory

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Long story short:
I am unable to play some insane maps because in my early days of Osu! i used to continually grind these creating bad form. And now when i try to play these maps, my hand freezes up and goes retarded. What i usually do to overcome this issue is flipping the map upside down in the editor and i am able to play the whole damn map. But i can't keep going like this.

Any advise?
well honestly you just have to persist and train urself mentally. Sounds like a mental issue to me if you can do the map upside down.
If you have problems with similar difficulty maps that you haven't played in the past (meaning you get more than a few misses and 95%) then don't even try those old grind maps. Once you get better at the difficulty range of the specific maps you are talking (it becomes easy) you will be able to play them. I had a problem with Tear Rain Insane but now I can play it since the map is quite easy.
Play more different stuff.
I got a lot of this as well. You can adbandon those maps for a long time (the longer the better) so you can try to forget how they go. If flipping the map is suitable then go ahead and do that, but don't mess it up again.

The other thing that will help you is learning low AR (8 and less for 180 bpm).
Try not retrying maps. Always do complete plays, and don't mind too much if you miss.
Unlearning a bad habit is harder than forming a habit. Keep that in mind. Most of the suggestions here are already very good and I don't have much to add other than that you should expect this to be quite arduous.
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