Imagine Dragons - Warriors

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to gray veyron and lazer: i'm pretty busy right now, i will answer your mods asap :)
ah good song, best beatmap in same song. this map is SO Great!
if u set the genire, this map can be RANKED!
I hope that this map gonna ranked soon.....
really want to play this map with ranked...pls rank this map peppy..... :D
Epic Map!! I want now ranked!!
I expected the guitar solo to be the hardest part yet it's the easiest one lol, quite fun map tho
Nice Map! I found it because I love LoL and i hoped to find a "Warriors" map... I hope that this map will be ranked :)
From my modding queue, sorry for the long wait! School isn't very kind to me :(

Note: to compensate for you putting up with my idiocy, I've awarded you a ticket woooo~
Basically, the next time you need a map that needs modding, just send me a PM with said map with the subject line as "ticket request" and I'll mod it as soon as possible; my queue doesn't need to be open if you decide to use the ticket.

Okay, let's start :)

Difficulties looked at: JeZag's Easy, Normal, Hard v2, Hard, Amasuro's Insane
  • Champions gave me a headache just trying to follow it ;w;

JeZag's Easy

- So I was thinking for the beginning to 00:31:032, maybe you can number off your combos to something like this:
  • - start a new combo at 00:15:228(4)
    - move the new combo at 00:17:152(1) so that it starts at 00:18:690 instead
    - move the new combo at 00:20:228(1) so that it starts at 00:21:382(2) instead
    - move the new combo at 00:23:305(1) so that it starts at 00:24:844(3) instead
    - move the new combo at 00:26:382(1) so that it starts at 00:27:536(2) instead

- Maybe use a finish hitsound instead of a whistle hitsound at 01:37:151(3)?
- ^ at 02:26:382?
- ^ at 02:38:689?
- ^ at 02:41:766?
- Maybe you could delete the notes at 02:25:997(2) and 02:27:536(4) to place more emphasis on the sliders?


- Maybe make the note at 00:05:613(1) a 1/1 slider?
- Also some combo fixes at the beginning here. As a general rule of thumb, try to stick to starting new combos on downbeats (the big white ticks in the timeline). For example:
  • - start a new combo at 00:06:382(2)
    - move the new combo at 00:09:075(1) so that it starts at 00:09:459(2) instead
    - move the new comboat 00:18:305(1) so that it starts at 00:18:690(2) instead
    These are just some examples of some of the combos you can fix. Get the gist of it? :)
    Also, I realize that there are some spots where following this guideline can be a little tricky, e.g. when you have a slider end on a downbeat. Just take the general rule into consideration, yeah?

- Consider moving 00:50:613(2) from its current position to (x268, y160). It might be confusing to some players to have a note placed underneath the end slider, especially since there's another note that follows a beat later
- Consider moving 00:52:137(4) from its current position to (x40, y256). Same reason as above
- Consider moving 01:04:844(2) from its current position to (x175, y160). Same reason as above
- Put in a clap hitsound at 01:57:920(2)
- Replace the whistle you have at 01:59:459(3) with a clap
- Move the clap you have at 01:59:843(1) so that it's on 02:00:228(1) instead
- Put in a clap hitsound at 02:01:767(4)
- ^ at 02:04:074(2)
- ^ at 02:05:613(4)
- ^ at 02:07:151(2)
- ^ at 02:08:690(4)
- Replace the finish you have at 02:11:766(5) with a clap
- I recommend putting in a clap at 02:13:305(6)
- Replace the clap you have at 02:32:536(3) with a finish
- Maybe put in a note at 02:33:689?
- Put in a finish at 02:37:151(5)?
- ^ at 02:38:689(2)?
- Replace the whistle you have at 02:40:228(4) with a finish?
- Put in a finish at 02:41:766, perhaps?
- Consider putting in claps at 02:40:997(4) and 02:42:536(4)

Hard v2

- Maybe make the note at 00:05:613(1) a 1/1 slider?
- Similarly to normal, try to end your combos on the downbeat. I'll let you do this one on your own ;)
- Consider reversing (Ctrl + G) the slider at 00:29:075(6)? I feel it may help with flow
- You missed a beat on 00:55:228. Consider making 00:54:844(8) a repeat slider to fix this.
- Consider making the note at 01:43:151(8) a 1/2 slider
- I don't think the finishes you have at 02:39:074(3) and 02:39:843(3) make sense. Consider removing them?


- A lot of your timing points aren't even snapped to the timeline properly
- Missing a beat on 00:38:498. Consider adding in a note here?
- The burst you have at 00:55:228(1,2,3,4) doesn't make sense here, in my opinion. The only beats here are on 00:55:421 (this one you did not place a note on) and 00:55:613(4).
- Maybe you can redesign the slider at 01:27:344(4) so that it blankets 01:27:920(5)?
- Perhaps you can add a note at 01:32:344
- ^ at 01:44:267
- Maybe you can replace the note at 02:15:228(5) with a 1/2 slider?

Amasuro's Insane

- Consider adding in notes at 00:16:510 and 00:16:767
- ^ at 00:25:998?
- ^ at 00:27:536?
- You have an unwanted pivot on your slider at 00:39:459 (the grey pivot right next to the red starting pivot). It makes the slider look a little awkward.
- Consider adding in notes at 01:15:997 and 01:16:767? Maybe you can also design it so that there's a triangle pattern in between the spinners

- Consider making the slider at 01:59:459 a repeat slider
- I don't think a 1/3 slider fits at 01:59:843(5). Try making it a 2/3 slider instead
- The note at 02:00:743(3) is unnecessary because there's not a beat there. Consider deleting it

That's about all I can do for ya. Hope this helps you out, and good luck ;)
edit: Try out these suggestions for yourself; you don't need to follow through on any of them, but who knows? Maybe it'll give your map that extra oomph
Randomly saw this map so I'm going to give some feedback

Okay, so, actually the bpm should be halved. However that would mean changing every SV (without even being able to use x1.0), which might be a problem. If you really don't feel like changing it, then don't.

The Champions diff has multiple timing points and the other diffs don't. I see what you are trying to do, but it is in no way rankable. Since the bpm is actually consistent throughout the song, making a stream with a different bpm because it "matches" (but it doesn't the way you did it) is very confusing to play. The guitar doesn't play a consistent stream like you'd expect, it's rather random (like a lot of rock-related songs). 1/4 (with the first offset only) would be my safest bet (it still sounds off though, but the number of guitar notes actually matches with the amount of circles). As for the return slider part, it kinda is the same story. It isn't really mapped to the guitar because the guitar isn't steadily playing 1/4

Keep this in mind

Lower the offset (of every timing/inherited point) by 20, it will sound way more accurate

don't kds
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In this period i'm a bit afk cause of exams :v i checked last mods and are very usefull, ty for that. I will update the map with changes when i have time... if the map go graveyard don't worry, i will revive after exams period xD
I'm too scared to update the map because I fear mods might have destroyed the unique feeling of the map :S
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in the first week of august i'll probably resurrect the map ^^
oh this song <3


AR5, OD4



My small suggestion
get this ranked dude c:
So I heard one of my favourite songs had a mapset pending

Ok, I'm worth crap at timing
But according to this thing (which is as trustworthy as we're ever gonna get) the BPM is 152, not 156
Might wanna change that, but it could ruin some stuff (when I tried, it completely screwed up timing sections), and it might actually be better this way (again, at this difference level I completely fail to notice anything)

The rhythm is also 6/4 instead of the 4/4 it's currently at (IDK if it's even possible to change this in the entire mapset, as when I tried, it reset itself at the first note) EDIT: I'm an idiot lol, didn't notice that a beat is a dotted crotchet and not a simple crotchet, 4/4 is fine
There are some occasions when the notes are syncopated and the circles aren't placed accordingly, making it really hard to time them right when playing

One example is Normal: 01:04:844 (2,3,4) -; could find more, especially in Hard v2, but it's 10 PM and I'm way too tired at this point
While much better timed, this kinda suffers from severe overmapping syndrome, and doesn't use the opportunities given by the song to create some extremely difficult patterns
A prime example is 01:30:997 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - at 5 and 6, the beat the sound is mapped to is barely audible, and 8-10, while plays well, is a lost opportunity, as the gradually stronger beats would offer a nice chance to a jump series with gradually larger spacing, which would fit an insane map

I'll never clear this map btw :(

Will try making a GD as soon as I'm done with I'd Love To Change The World
Which, due to the amount of schoolwork I have as of now, may be months
But let's hope otherwise :)
Very nice card! not so much of a map.
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