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Insane is bad, it's overmapped in every way possible. Consider asking someone for guest diffs for insane and maybe hard too

Reviz wrote:

Insane is bad, it's overmapped in every way possible. Consider asking someone for guest diffs for insane and maybe hard too
Hello Simotorre!!! :)

Firstly, leave all BPM and Offset equal. I think with BPM: 156 and Offset: 229 is good.

Hard (BSD 1/6)

Be careful. Most notes are in blue tick. This is the only difficulty with notes in the wrong place.

  1. Select all notes until 00:30:236 and move one tick for right
  2. Select all notes of 00:55:339 until 01:19:480 and move one tick for right too.
  3. 00:31:006 - 00:54:858 Kiai time
  4. I think if you let the notes outside kiai time on soft sampleset it'll be better (press f6 to do it)
  5. Move 01:07:746 (1) to 01:07:553
  6. 01:08:708 - Put a note here
  7. I don't know, but maybe put triples notes the difficulty will be better

Request more mods on #modreqs

I'm new on mod maps, I hope this has helped ;) Bocca al lupo!
Are you serious about that circle color or BG? It's barely seem on every level of dim.
:):):) Awesome map :):):) but the dificult "when you tried things", is confusing, but I maid it
Okay beatmap. I understand why you picked the colors you picked but could you consider changing them? Practically unseeable with dimmed background.
I like this beatmap. ;)
The only one "but": hitsounds are too loud, i turned it off to hear the music.
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colors changed, i use some more clear
Карта норм, песня норм, ЛУЧШАЯ!
Карта норм, песня норм, ЛУЧШАЯ!
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Hello everyone! I need someone to do an osu mania level for the map otherwise i will probably delete the one i already have. Someone wants to try?

Btw, do you prefer the map with the video or without?
would you like a bunch of diffs?
so far i have easy, normal, and 70% "extra"
I don't plan on finishing my mapset so let me know if you'd like it

All done ^_^
Cool Map !!
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themac2001 wrote:

Cause of lack of mods :( i need help with the diffs

Lightbold wrote:

Cool Map !!
Thanks :)
Omg Champions diff is sooo much overmapped. o.o
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That's why we need mods ç.ç

Pappy wrote:

Omg Champions diff is sooo much overmapped. o.o
Technically, it's not "overmapped" but rather making use of every drum note in the song~
It's okay. Drum isn't so bad
Make the same Preview time for all
[Hard v2]
00:00:613 (2) - NC
00:03:305 (1) - NC
00:05:998 (1) - switch NC
00:06:382 (2,3,4,5) - timmers not snapped
00:07:392 (2) - snap to 1/6 line
00:07:535 (4,5,6) - don't think if this part follows vocal, just put one more circle before
00:13:690 (4) - more symmetrical
00:19:075 (3) - this finish is bad and another also
00:19:075 (3) - snap the timmer
00:26:959 (6) - this change to two circles in 1/6, would be nice
00:46:382 (9) - it isn't snapped symmetrically, and it's by low grid level
00:46:382 (9) - timming not snapped
00:50:036 (2) - doesn't follow the voice I think
00:56:767 (5) - no better doing this on previous circle?
01:29:459 (5) - NC
01:32:408 (8,1,2,3,4) - don't think it follows rhytm
01:38:305 - timming not snapped
01:41:767 (9) - NC
01:44:556 (9,10) - don't change the bsd for making this, just do it with 1/6. maybe this 01:44:523 and this 01:44:779, it's pretty okay, so it isn't hard to predicte
02:09:460 (1) - please no finish. after the break it sounds bad, also change that finishes to whistle, or fix it soon with another hitsounds
02:14:843 (8,9,10,11,12) - this part, same thing with bsd. just make 4, no 5 circles snapped in 1/6 + take off finish
02:12:536 (7,1) - this sounds creepy:/ 02:12:536 (7,1) - switch NC
02:23:690 (1) - switch NC
02:27:536 - timming not snapped
02:30:613 (1,2) - switch NC
02:37:151 - ^
02:40:228 (8) - switch NC
please recheck the map for timmers. gl
From Faan's Best modding Q(insert sparkle)
fking dorothy3242 is the man

00:05:613 (1) - move the every first note here because strong beat + better rhythm
00:33:691 (1) - 3 degrees anti-clockwise around selection center rotate for better blanket
01:41:767 (1,2,3) - take notice how 1-2-3's distance is clearly visually different, unify it
01:44:844 (5) - break from here is waayyyy longer than 15 seconds, try map something
02:09:459 (1) - remove end hitsounds

00:05:998 (1) - move to white tick before this, there is a strong beat, but if you want to keep it where it is keep it
00:07:536 (3) - 423,172 for better distancesnap
00:14:075 (5) - NC maybe
00:49:459 (1,2,3) - remeber this from like....... 15 seconds ago?
01:30:997 (7,8,1) - this is just a poor copy of ^
01:38:690 (1,2,3) - ^
break too long
02:09:459 (1,2) - better blanket
02:12:536 (6) - ^
02:10:613 (2,3,4,5) - DS
02:15:228 (1,2,3) -

Easy was like 50x better than this
Please learn the hitsouding from Easy, it makes the map 100000x better

Hard v2:
bad rhythm

bad placings

00:00:613 (2) - don't spam these, make it into something, like on spot 1/3 notes stacked or something
00:09:459 (2,3,4) - more care when putting together please, looking ugly
00:15:228 (7,8) - ^
00:19:075 (3,4,5) - ^
ok Imma stop here but it is kinda better than Hard v2
Consider looking at Easy before mapping more, the Easy in this set is superb

Champion is overmapped

General: look at Easy, it is very good.
especially hitsound
1,3 clap is vital in this
00:30:998 (1) - then here it is 1finish 3 clap
00:55:613 (1) - then stops here
and more

and placeing, DS is your friend. keep it on most the time

don't give me kds if you don't feel so.
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