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I will change to the official one... i saw that the quality of the one i put in the beatmap is not so high...

i can't found the video with good quality and with no more than 20 MB... if u can find it, link it to me so that i can add it to the map :)
The hard map seems a lot more crisp after the recent update, I still noticed some minor issues with timing (some notes felt like I had to rush to reach them, but that could be just be me). Also the last string of jumps is a little confusing for a 3 star, I kinda like that it's not too easy though. Awesome song, and keep up the great work. You have some unusual sliders and it's refreshing to see! :)

PS. You can see my attempt here.
Sorry for the wait! Here's my GD:

Having internet problems right now, so I can't get the video right now :|
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nice map! :D
I honestly think you need to go with different colors then dark blue and black cause it is sometimes almost impossible to see the black timing circle on the blackground.
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yeah i will change at the end, when i found a good quality video >.<
Here, what do you think of this?
I would recommend changing the offset to 201. It sounds much better that way.
Insane is bad, it's overmapped in every way possible. Consider asking someone for guest diffs for insane and maybe hard too

Reviz wrote:

Insane is bad, it's overmapped in every way possible. Consider asking someone for guest diffs for insane and maybe hard too
Hello Simotorre!!! :)

Firstly, leave all BPM and Offset equal. I think with BPM: 156 and Offset: 229 is good.

Hard (BSD 1/6)

Be careful. Most notes are in blue tick. This is the only difficulty with notes in the wrong place.

  1. Select all notes until 00:30:236 and move one tick for right
  2. Select all notes of 00:55:339 until 01:19:480 and move one tick for right too.
  3. 00:31:006 - 00:54:858 Kiai time
  4. I think if you let the notes outside kiai time on soft sampleset it'll be better (press f6 to do it)
  5. Move 01:07:746 (1) to 01:07:553
  6. 01:08:708 - Put a note here
  7. I don't know, but maybe put triples notes the difficulty will be better

Request more mods on #modreqs

I'm new on mod maps, I hope this has helped ;) Bocca al lupo!
Are you serious about that circle color or BG? It's barely seem on every level of dim.
:):):) Awesome map :):):) but the dificult "when you tried things", is confusing, but I maid it
Okay beatmap. I understand why you picked the colors you picked but could you consider changing them? Practically unseeable with dimmed background.
I like this beatmap. ;)
The only one "but": hitsounds are too loud, i turned it off to hear the music.
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colors changed, i use some more clear
Карта норм, песня норм, ЛУЧШАЯ!
Карта норм, песня норм, ЛУЧШАЯ!
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Hello everyone! I need someone to do an osu mania level for the map otherwise i will probably delete the one i already have. Someone wants to try?

Btw, do you prefer the map with the video or without?
would you like a bunch of diffs?
so far i have easy, normal, and 70% "extra"
I don't plan on finishing my mapset so let me know if you'd like it

All done ^_^
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