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Can anyone recommend me a good mouse? I use claw-grip and would like a small or medium size mouse with optical sensor.
mionix avior 7000
logitech g400/g400s/g402
roccat savu
steelseries kana v2
zowie fk / maybe ec2 evo
razer abyssus

go to a local computer store and play around with the mice there to see which shape you like
My favorite mouse is one that can click here:
Logitech G400S all day everyday
I use the utechsmart 8200 dpi mouse.

NixXSkate wrote:

As far as mice with perfect/near perfect sensors, the best choices for mouse only are:

Heavy/Big mice (good for stability while clicking):
Microsoft IME3.0- The standard among most asians, used by Change, Shizuru, Lemonwater, Pyonta, etc., 400 DPI, be sure to overclock
Razer DeathAdder (Black)- Most stable DeathAdder IMO, some might not like how the buttons don't bottom out though.

Normal Size mice:
Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1a- 400 DPI, be sure to overclock
Mionix Avior 7000- Pretty low lift-off, can go up to 7000 DPI with the new Avago sensor (probably has smoothing really high DPIs)
Roccat Pure Kone Optical- No complains tbh
MAYBE CM Storm Alcor- Similar to IME3.0 shape but smaller, but never tried this mouse out yet.
MAYBE Roccat Savu- Low control speed depending on surface. (Infrared A3090 sensor has this problem)

Small mice:
CM Storm Spawn- Low positioned sensor
CM Storm Recon- Unbalanced (much heavier toward the bottom), but very well made buttons.
MAYBE Logitech G100S- Not a perfect sensor like the rest on the list, but very close.

Other good mice I would NOT recommend for mouse ONLY (Ok for Mouse+KB):
Razer Abyssus- Razer quality, spongy buttons
Microsoft WMO 1.1a- 400 DPI, stiff buttons (or maybe it's just mine...)
Logitech G400/G400S- Great mouse but the shape and buttons aren't well suited for mouse only.
Mionix Naos 7000- Comfy, but poor grip for precision aiming.
Epicgear Cyclops- Infrared A3090 sensor. Tracks perfectly on 1600 DPI setting, but not 800. Stiff buttons
Zowie FK/AM/EC/EC2- Very low liftoff, weak mouse buttons, would not recommend Zowie mice for osu!, more for fps games.

Mice with perfect sensors I'm unsure about:
Razer Krait, Steelseries Rival/Kana V2, Corsair M45, Mad Catz R.A.T. 3 Optical, Logitech G402/G502
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About the Logitech G400s, I was thinking of getting that but it seemed like the size might be too big. For people who own this mouse, is this a relatively large size mouse and is it comfortable to hold/move around with?
i'd say it's medium-sorta big sized, i have the g402 but the shape should be nearly the same as g400s
Miku Maekawa
anything that takes your whole hand to grip

like a deathadder
I don't use mouse for osu! but I love my deathadder black.
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