AFB's CTB Modding & GD Queue [Closed]

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AFB's CTB Modding & GD Queue

Status: Closed

Time to clear mod requests!

My timezone is GMT+8, so don't expect that I will mod at your time unless the timezone is same.

✮ Informations ✮

Since I am overwhelmed with mod requests through PM and In-Game in these days, and sometimes GD requests. Also I wish to get more CtB maps ranked / approved, therefore I guess I should make a CtB Modding & GD Queue instead. Yay!!!111oneone

Something you should know:
This is the first CtB Modding & GD Queue I have made, so don't expect that I am at the good standard of modding, or comparing my mods with other godlike modders people. In order to have more improvement through modding different mapsets, please give feedbacks or at least, vote in consideration of my modding standard, so that I can review and try to improve my mods.

☤ Rules ☤

  • Modding
    1. Only CtB. (because I am noob)
    2. Map must be aimed for ranking, otherwise modding is futile and useless at all.
    3. No limit with Star Priority (SP) and status (i.e Bubbles).
    4. Time length should be lower than 4 minutes, I don't like modding long maps (especially Marathons), they are tiring.
    5. I can understand Chinese, Cantonese and English, but preferably I will use English through modding.
    6. My English is bad because I am not native English users, therefore please forgive my grammar mistakes and spelling errors. (rarely happens lol)
    7. Check the status and the thread title on the above parts, to see whether the queue is open or not.

    8. 'Mod for Mod' (M4M) has higher priority for getting modded compared to normal mods.

      'Mod for Mod' available maps:
      NeLiMe - First Gate by me
      LeaF - Musical Movement by DarkVortex
      ensou feat. GUMI - COMA by Genocide

    9. Request on this thread, mod will take around few days or earlier.

  • Only CtB.
  • Map should be aimed for ranking.
  • I would prefer mapping Salad, Rain or Overdose; indeed I can also map Cup and Platter.
  • Time length should be lower than 3 minutes, unless it is a Collab diff.

  • Ask me In-Game, PM or on this thread, however don't expect that I will finish very early.

☁ Notable Timeline ☁

  1. Claimed as MotM (Modder of the Month) of September (2014) by CTB Modding Academy

Thanks for reading.
Latest update: 8/12/2014
afb o/
mod my platter diff (and gd cup diff)
Question: could m4m ignore the time duration rule?
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ZHSteven wrote:

Question: could m4m ignore the time duration rule?
Yea because they have higher priority than normal ones
Just mod the available maps of mine (listed in the thread) and notify me

P.S I will mod maps tomorrow.
I do a m4m request here:

I wanted to mod Area184 or Musical Movement anyway. Tell me which one you would prefer.
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