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Current Priority: +0
Prior discussion (3 years ago): t/76298?hilit=hidden+first+note

I think this is worth bringing up again, partly because the previous discussion is super old, and secondly because I think it's a worthwhile thing to discuss. Also, seemingly due to a forum bug I am unable to browse beyond the first page of that thread and cannot see what the resolution was.

When the first note of a song and the first beat of a beatmap line up, hidden mode becomes frustrating, rather than fun. It's a test of your patience and tolerance for bullshit, rather than your skill. The only indicator of when the note will happen is a subtle visual one, where as the rest of the notes can be hit with audio cues and your own memory of the beatmap. The first note alone is uniquely difficult and with little reason.
This got discussed recently (1yr old) , and that thread got marked as dupe, so don't expect this to happen
Just use the timer
it's part of the mod, as said plenty of times before.
t/76298 now try read it

deadbeat wrote:

https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/76298 now try read it
I can read it now, thanks. It's frustrated that it's locked, though. I think there would be a larger showing of support otherwise.
Yeah, it's no good fighting it... people's brains have calcified on the issue to the point where they believe that it's some integral and essential part of the game now, instead of questioning why it should be part of the game at all when it has nothing to do what the game is about.
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