Where do you actually look?

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Oppai Neko wrote:

Where is the quote with "rekt" as a reply then answer on topic? Narrill, I'm dissapointed son :P
I didn't actually read the last post before I posted :/
IDK sometimes I hit things I was not even looking at.
At the kawaii animu grillz in the background
based god lil b

Rewben2 wrote:

At the kawaii animu grillz in the background
100% this
and this is ridiculously exhausting

Rewben2 wrote:

At the kawaii animu grillz in the background
most effective method

Rewben2 wrote:

At the kawaii animu grillz in the background
I'm not gonna lie, I actually do this when I have my background dim off...(which is why I keep dim on).

I just play relying entirely on my peripheral vision when looking at the anime 'grillz'.
On slow maps I look at B.
On fast maps my eyes follow the cursor all the way from A to C
Going for full combos/ concentrating hard - A
Regular Gameplay - A mix of A and B

I sometimes play in a way like C when I'm worn out, I don't even know why :oops:
I take a quick look where to hit next then focus on my cursor.
Interesting reading this thread. I actually do C most of the time, on nearly every map I play. On very fast maps or maps with complicated patterns--maps that are hard to sightread basically--are when I switch to B to avoid feeling overwhelmed from having to keep track of too many notes at a time. I never do A.

Just how I learned to play from the start of the game, and haven't bothered to change it since it seems to be working out for me.
Personally, because i'm one of the scrubs that only can play ar 9 and 10 (barely) i just kinda jump to watever color just came up. It's the main reason jumps are so easy for me (cross screen jumps are a joke 4 me) but streams and some complex patterns are hard. Basically, I dont read anything I just see flashy lights and mash the z/x keys until I get stuff right. Im learning to play lower ARs now but Istill stick to my tendancy to only look at what I'm clicking, and it rarely screws me over. Provided im just taking ar 9 maps and modding them down to 8.2 so its not that different but w/e. (i got to 8.2 bcz im bad)
I don't really know because if I think about where I'm looking I start to miss notes and then fail.
I follow the cursor and I know where to go as a sightread at the same time, though sometimes I randomly look at the center and hit all the notes..
Omega Chicken
I just stare blankly into the middle of the screen or my cursor since that was what i did when i used to play Mania.
I try to watch A > B as much as I can but often my eyes wander to B or C only.

Side note: I think this is the most helpful thread I've ever seen on the forums.
B and C.
Depends on the map, mostly B though
my eyes always precede my cursor by a certain amount.
A, when I'm not so confident and sometimes B.
Middle of the screen window to practice peripheral reading. I don't look directly at circles, I only glance in the general area and read maps in patterns/combos instead of individual circles. Probably why I can't AR 10, but whatev.

Usually I'm not looking at the notes I'm hitting while I hit them, and if you play HD then it's pretty much impossible anyways since the circle is gone when you hit it. I'm horrible at HD though, so I won't say if what's right for playing HD and what's not XD.
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