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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, June 04, 2010 at 2:51:36 PM

Artist: Ondo Girl meets Keroro Shoutai
Title: PEKOPON Shinryaku Ondo
BPM: 123.7
Filesize: 4791kb
Play Time: 01:11
Difficulties Available:
  1. Koujiro's nonormal (3.6 stars, 77 notes)
  2. Long easy (0.85 stars, 129 notes)

Download: Ondo Girl meets Keroro Shoutai - PEKOPON Shinryaku Ondo
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
this is my first beatmap, i hope everybody likes it and if you have any suggestions (and the procedure to do so), please tell me, i'd like to make it better.

this is actualy an experimental beatmap, i was planning on using another song, but this was easier to me than the other one so i started with this because i wanted to start from bottom to top, easy to insane, kiddy to expert, and so on.
how bout give it some difficulty like smaller beats or somethin.....it will be better i think

well , put in some high quality background will be better too....or maybe picture slideshow?

and i think u need to change some hitsound and decrease amount of spinners and breaks

for 1st beatmap....i think u have potential[lucky:da631][/lucky:da631]
...you're kidding me.

first of all. where's the BG? (broken?) if you wanna add a BG make sure the size is 800x600

second what's up with the different timing section with different BPM all over the song!?
delete them all (timing -> delete all timing section) and change the tuming (if you told to tap the "tap here" button. just tap quickly. until the timing ball is beating. then go to timing setup panel (f6) and type this

BPM 123,95
offset 17919

then change the beatsnap divisor to 1/4 instead of 1/6 then timing -> resnap all notes. yes everything will go awry after that so FIX IT. making a beatmap isn't easy you know
also if you wanna add kiai times do NOT add them with another timing section. add kiai time and end them ONLY WITH INHERITED timing section (ctrl+shift+P) OR (timing -> add inherited timing section)

third spacing plz. distance snap is your best friend

forth long spinner is boring

last one 3 mins for easy is way too long. and its boring. srsly.

what, a star? NO, why? cuz the map still suck, i cant star a map like this. sorry :(
Long Easy :
01:08:336 (1) - Its a little bit late..
01:09:292 (2) - Same again, a little bit late..
01:34:402 (4) - New Combo?
01:51:792 (5) - New Combo again?
02:01:405 (3) - Its feel a bit weird at the start of the Slider..
02:37:345 (1) - It doesn't fit to the beat..
02:48:750 (1) - A bit weird at the end
02:50:917 (1),(2),(3),(4) - Offbeat....
02:57:486 (4) - The slider is weird, IMO..
03:21:188 (4) - Same again..
i think i've fixed some of the problems thet rasyad95 was talking about (or posting about) and i hope it's better than before plus i have submitted a new difficulty but it is FAR from being finished, i've only started on the first few seconds :|
It would be nice if you could update the images. This Background would be a lot better since it takes up the whole frame. If I could reliably mod this right now I would, but I hope you continue working on this I'd like to see a finished version.
This modding thread has been migrated to the new "modding discussions" system. Please make sure to re-post any existing (and unresolved) efforts to the new system as required.
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