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Could someone explain me what accuracy is based on? My accuracy was 92.19%. I finished another map on 92.49% and my accuracy dropped to 92.18%. That doesn't make sense to me...
Your accuracy is determined by the average of all of your top plays (including show more I think). Maybe you had a very good easy mode score but it gave you little PP and you got more PP from a harder map and it replaced your old score, since the average dropped i guess you had more than 95% on the previous map. It's plain math.
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So it's not based on every difficulty but on the one which gave me the most pp?

SKuLLdRaG wrote:

So it's not based on every difficulty but on the one which gave me the most pp?
If you happen to have 2 different difficulties of the same mapset in your top ranks it counts both, but whichever gives more pp will be weighed more. What we mean is it's averaged out by your top ranks in general--your most pp-giving score weighs most towards your accuracy, second second, etc.
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By the way, is there a way to find out which difficulty gave me most pp while i'm in game?
I Give Up
By "difficulty" I'm guessing you mean "map"? There isn't an in-game feature for this, but the Top Ranks list in your profile provides such information already. Besides, you can alt+tab between osu! client and browser, refresh page and view updated info from there.

FlyingKebab wrote:

(including show more I think)
Every play that rewards pp after weighting is considered for your overall accuracy.

GhostFrog wrote:

Another little quirk of "Hit Accuracy" is that you can get a score on a completely new map with an accuracy higher than your Hit Accuracy and yet have your Hit Accuracy go down. It's caused by your new score making your high accuracy scores worth less while not impacting your low accuracy scores much and requires at least one or two of your higher pp scores to be relatively low accuracy.

Simple example with only 2 scores:

1) 50.00% accuracy, 100 pp
2) 100.00% accuracy, 50 pp
Hit Accuracy: 74.36%

If you were to then get a 75.00% accuracy 75 pp score, your Hit Accuracy would go down from 74.36% to 74.14%, even though your accuracy on your new play was higher than your initial Hit Accuracy.

You don't need a score anywhere near as drastic as 50% accuracy though. You just need your highest pp plays up to a certain point to have a weighted average less than your Hit Accuracy.
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