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Just posting to ask if it is possible to take a background image from a beatmap, theres a few maps that have some pictures i like but i dont know if its possible to get the pictures from the file, any help possible ?

First go to your osu! songs folder ( default : C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Songs )
Here, look for the map you would like to take the background from. To search, press ctrl+F then enter a part of the title of the song.

Once you found the folder of the song you like, open it and copy any large .jpg file here, it's most likely the background of the map.

Also remember that small questions should be asked in this thread instead of creating a new one.
Ive tried doing that but when i download this song it doesnt come in a folder with everything in its just a plain old .osz so i can get anything from it
import the .osz into osu! and you'll have your folder. feel free to PM me ingame if you need further help
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