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Muu-chan wrote:

adaa kpop tapi lagu lamaa uwuwuwu
dah siap tp blum ada mod sama sekalii
kalau ada request lain yg lebih pantes abaikan aja bunnyyyy chaann uwu

Artist - Title : Hari - Kwiyomi song
Mapset Link :
Key Mode : 4, 5, 7 Key~

sama kalau boleh tolong bantuin metadatanya ya bunny chaan uwu
kwiyomi wehh

oke accepted
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New rule :

Post a map that you think it's unique and different from any other generic 4* 4k map or meta map. Preferably ready for nomination / rank.

Any keymode, 7k is the highest priority

needs a bit more mods but if you are able to look through this set that'll be awesome

the set itself is technical and it's different from what I've seen

this map is kinda hybrid, i hope you like this one since its DnB xd

Arzenvald wrote:

is your map hitsounded manually or hitsounded using hitsound copier?
tell me and put your map here
i hitsounded the HS diff manually but used HS copier to avoid issues of duplied hs or missing hs jaja
mania ranked needs more metal owo
currently undergoing a bn check on this one but some mods from another bn would be appreciated
Artist - Title : UNDEAD CORPORATION - Embraced by the Flame
Mapset Link :
Key Mode : 4
-H i k a r i-
Hi, ya!

Artist - Title : Eisyo-kobu - Oriental Blossom

Mapset Link :

Key Mode : 4K & 7K

Now all diffs are finished (including hs). This is my first 7k mapset aims to ranked status and I need more mods for 7K.

Thanks in advance! :)
mohon bantuannya bang :"V

Artist - Title : O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit]

Mapset Link :

Key Mode : 4

sv sama nasi + indomie
suwun bang
Yana Feiya
Artist - Title :M2U - Quo Vadis

Mapset Link :

Key Mode :4

This is my first 4k mapset aims to ranked status , and this is beautiful!
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I'll check through all the map listed, and rate all the map, if the map unique enough that its stand out from other.

Rating will be based on :
Keymode of choice
Song choice
Overall concept and execution
Overall chart structure
Overall readiness for nomination


Rating as for now (position will change over time) :

1. n/a
2. education
3. quo vadis
4. oriental blossom
5. Ooi
6. n/a
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i'm still looking for map that are different from "pattern is fine and rankable", i'm not looking for your regular spaced jumpstream / jumptrill meta map, show me map that actually stand out from other.
whether its the song choice, whether an unorthodox mapping style, or whether you agree that the PATTERN OF CHOICE IN THE CURRENT RANKED ARE BORING, if you think your map has that X factor on it, post it here when i open in the next round.
you want a map that stands out?

here is something for you
Artist - Title :ETIA.-Singularity

Mapset Link :

Key Mode :4k

any diff is ok :)

Arzenvald wrote:

if you think your map has that X factor on it, post it here when i open in the next round.
I don't think it's open.
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