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Where did your username originate from?

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I like penguins
My username came from my ROBLOX username which is "TheCrimson25" (I don't know how I came up with it, I can't remember) but I shortened it to "Crimson25" when I made my osu! account. I was making my twitch account and felt like Crimson25 was too boring so I had to think about a lot of things I could add to my username to make it cool, Bucket was the best thing I could think of, so my twitch username is CrimsonBucket and I later went on to change my osu! username to CrimsonBucket aswell.
My username doesn't have a long story hahah.
i was explaining something in my school of tecnology and a friend told me "well done ginotec" (my name is gino)
my friends call me tedward
name of a rapper "skepta" i did call me like this because of a cover of his song "shutdown by the band slaves

i honestly don't remember where this came from but it's stupid now

(namechanged, username described is refills)
Eta Carinae
I was originally Capo_Kid24 (which was my original online handle), but when I got supporter I decided to change it to what I wanted my official online handle to be since I was starting a YT/Twitch. This username started the rest of my online profiles with this username from then on
Vuelo Eluko
I'm using the name of my wife who is from Made in Abyss. I love her so much, she made me pick up lucid dreaming again.
Raise My Sword
I have a few “usernames” that I’ve used online for awhile now but Breylin is my main for almost everything. It’s not my real name (but close actually)

I think the true origin was for a character name back when I played the harvest moon on the GameCube and it stuck over since.

I love names that use y and l :p

I’ll probably end up naming a daughter Breylin if I have a kid ever xD
I got my username from a book called Erebos which was written by an author from my country. At the time I was 11 years old and I was realyl getting into online games and since I've never known an alias aside from "Player 1", so I set out looking for inspiration and found it.
My name is from my real name :3

It sounds really cringy, but it has an intresting backstory.
So osu was kind of the first game i have began actively playing. I have started playing it when i was 6 years old, and since you can't rename yourself it stays like that.
Basically i wasn't very original and didn't think too much of it because i have wanted to quickly play, and i have just reversed my name (nikita) and put my date of birth. It sounds like a joke and like the worst username ever, but it reminds me of myself as a kid and i really like it because of that. I would have changed it, but maybe it will stay for good.
i really like undertale, specifically chara's whole character (heheh) and then i just yeeted the maru off of orochimaru, and here we are

god i need a better name
During the big Dubstep trend about 7-9 years ago, there was a very popular artist named "SKisM". His music was one of the best next to Flux Pavilion and Skrillex.

My username before that was "LoLMeCrazy" so I definitely needed a new ign, so I went with "SKiisM" since I was a huge fan of his music. Barely anyone recognizes the name since the artist phased out awhile ago too.
tbh i stole this lol... i feel bad now i gonna change nickname later
This username come from my irl self and how i looked depressed all the time without being actually depressed; I really wanna change it to be honest.
The Blakery
My username is a mix between my name (Blake) and my occupation as a Baker, pretty simple but yeah that's where it comes from!
hit my keyboard
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