Where did your username originate from?

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i liked the word Mahou but it was too plain to use as a username

just added XA for "originality" xD
A game.
I honestly have no clue, but I chose "Marine" because I used to really like that name, and "berri" because for some reason I thought that sounded good together
My first username originally came from a nickname I had, but no longer go by as there was a fall out with the friends who used to call me it, so now it is simply from the name of one of my favorite songs, one that always makes me feel happy and peaceful.

Kerli - Feral Hearts

I love that song so much, because despite residing in the UK for the most part now, I am in fact an Estonian, and very proud of that, and very proud of my country and its connections with nature and stuff. x3
I like penguins
My username came from my ROBLOX username which is "TheCrimson25" (I don't know how I came up with it, I can't remember) but I shortened it to "Crimson25" when I made my osu! account. I was making my twitch account and felt like Crimson25 was too boring so I had to think about a lot of things I could add to my username to make it cool, Bucket was the best thing I could think of, so my twitch username is CrimsonBucket and I later went on to change my osu! username to CrimsonBucket aswell.
My username doesn't have a long story hahah.
i was explaining something in my school of tecnology and a friend told me "well done ginotec" (my name is gino)
my friends call me tedward
name of a rapper "skepta" i did call me like this because of a cover of his song "shutdown by the band slaves

i honestly don't remember where this came from but it's stupid now

(namechanged, username described is refills)
Eta Carinae
I was originally Capo_Kid24 (which was my original online handle), but when I got supporter I decided to change it to what I wanted my official online handle to be since I was starting a YT/Twitch. This username started the rest of my online profiles with this username from then on
Vuelo Eluko
I'm using the name of my wife who is from Made in Abyss. I love her so much, she made me pick up lucid dreaming again.
Raise My Sword
I have a few “usernames” that I’ve used online for awhile now but Breylin is my main for almost everything. It’s not my real name (but close actually)

I think the true origin was for a character name back when I played the harvest moon on the GameCube and it stuck over since.

I love names that use y and l :p

I’ll probably end up naming a daughter Breylin if I have a kid ever xD
I got my username from a book called Erebos which was written by an author from my country. At the time I was 11 years old and I was realyl getting into online games and since I've never known an alias aside from "Player 1", so I set out looking for inspiration and found it.
My name is from my real name :3

It sounds really cringy, but it has an intresting backstory.
So osu was kind of the first game i have began actively playing. I have started playing it when i was 6 years old, and since you can't rename yourself it stays like that.
Basically i wasn't very original and didn't think too much of it because i have wanted to quickly play, and i have just reversed my name (nikita) and put my date of birth. It sounds like a joke and like the worst username ever, but it reminds me of myself as a kid and i really like it because of that. I would have changed it, but maybe it will stay for good.
i really like undertale, specifically chara's whole character (heheh) and then i just yeeted the maru off of orochimaru, and here we are

god i need a better name
During the big Dubstep trend about 7-9 years ago, there was a very popular artist named "SKisM". His music was one of the best next to Flux Pavilion and Skrillex.

My username before that was "LoLMeCrazy" so I definitely needed a new ign, so I went with "SKiisM" since I was a huge fan of his music. Barely anyone recognizes the name since the artist phased out awhile ago too.
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