Where did your username originate from?

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It comes from Pie (way too common a word to use). I actually don't like names with numbers but I haven't come up with anything better. :)
My new user Is that_one_emo_skid how did i got it from my Cousin kept on calling me a skid that's all.
I was 12 and making a PSN name and my dad spitballed a random combination of my first and last name and it stuck.

Thanks, Dad.
I put the first letter of my real name "K" in a random generator and it gave me trash names. The best out of them was "Kay". It is basically the sound of the letter spelled out. I then put Kay into the generator and it just put a bunch of stupid words at the end such as "KayMeister" and "KaySpoon". I went down the list and chose the one that sounded easy to remember and could eventually lead to cool art work. Such as a rift opening up in the earth in the shape of a K. Rift means like a crack, split, or a break in something. So I went with KayRift because i would be able to bring it a lot of places and not have it be used by 100million people like my usual one is lol.

drum drum wrote:

Inspired by the question from ztrot's interview on osu!talk:[/notice:1337]
A bunch of times people will think of a username related to their childhood, whether they do it by intention or not. This is not always the case, however, some people chose theirs because they either liked the way it sounded or thought it was cool. Everyone is different, of course.

For me, I chose "drum drum" for a reason I don't entirely remember. But I believe it's based on my past fascination with drums of all sorts. When I was a child my grandmother bought me a cheap Indian drum which I loved a lot (and then it broke of course). Around middle school I had a Djembe drum that I loved to play a lot. And finally in High school my parents bought me an electric drum kit (which I never anymore use because it lacks a tom and doesn't sound that great). Now here I am playing Taiko on osu!, funny how life works.

Nathanael wrote:

I'd really like to see replies from the staff
Note: all bolded names have channel operator status on the chat service
Just a japanese traduction of "offensive"
My username originated from me just liking the word "Dire" so I was like okay that'll be my username from now on and now this has been official for about three years now, almost everyone I've ever met and became friends with on the internet knows me as Dire. A few call me by my real name but that's it
My current name comes from a song

Around 1:50 :
"DiscoDop regner inni bussen for å si det mildt"

Basiaclly translates to:
"Disco Dope (mdma, lsd ect) raining in my crib to put ut blunt"
Literally my name
My ship Kōichi and Mei's last name.
It's been 3 years since I have this username and I still love it!
When i turn support i'll think a similar ones.
My old username, Yami Yami chan originates from the one and only To Love ru character Yami, and I was thinking of a name for my Xbox Live account years back. And apparently I thought of that and it was the best decision of my life cause everyone would be saying my name saying it's funny or cool or whatever. I would have other versions of this name like just Yami or what I use a lot more recently Yamisu~ which is a kind of a slang in Japanese where you would say your name and add "su" at the end of your name. In english it would kinda sound like someone sayings "name" here! or something like that.

Then I had depression and bunch of other garbage and changed my name to Disappear, not only liking HD at the time but how I felt at the time. Now Disappear has been another username I use to this day for other things. So I kinda switch between Yamisu, Yami Yami chan, and Disappear.
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My first nickname was AllFiles, because i was almost 7 and i made my youtube channel planning to review all games on earth. then i decided to change it to a misspelling, which was OllFilez.
Now it's Wachininko which is konnichiwa backwards (if you reverse the order of konnichiwa in japanese, then it will be wa chi ni n ko)
Geromu Keretem
Well, I wanted my name to sound asian, because asians get a lot of respect just for being asian. I created the name, after 3 months I finally decide to check what asian names look like. Then I realised Geromu isnt asian AT ALL, but by the time of mi realization ive started being known as Geromu in the community, so I think im gonna stick with the name as it is.
My name comes from the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, but I added "Skrrt" because it sounds similar to "Kurt", hence SkrrtCobain. I don't why honestly.
I just really like char siew ramen.
My name originates from 2 mythology's Ragnar Lothbrok from the vikings and L in the name stands for Lucifer Morningstar ( aka the devil ) .
My username is a combination of "Angelic Layer" (title of a very old anime) and Alisa Bosconovitch (from Tekken since I main her in the game). Somehow, the main character's angel' from the anime (a robot toy) had a very similar design with Alisa then decided I came up with this username.
Mine came from the inspiration of the word joker in german, which means witzbold, and I stuck with that name till I found out that witz was another german word meaning joke, and since my life is a joke, that's why I chose the name Witz.
My addiction to osu
- Sphinx -
Yu-Gi-Oh GX (good old times) the Sphinx deck / monsters
Theinen The Great Sphinx, Andro Sphinx, Sphinx Teleia....
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