Where did your username originate from?

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Mines originated from my obsession to black color and a word I learn from watching a crappy anime
Mine came from my favorite type of map <3
Reol utaite, pronounced as "Reoru" (れおる) in Japanese 0w0
11 years ago, i mispelled my real name on an online RPG. stuck ever since.
From my favorite singer lole

Also this is currently my favorite song of his album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REOpGdnJa1I
PuriPuri (プリプリ ) It's the SFX to express freshness (prawns, young girls etc), it also means chewy and tender. But that's not why choose it.. I like it because it's fun saying puripuripuripuri really fast. :>

Puri Puri prisoner~
My old name used to be Penguinsanez. That originated from when I played club penguin back in like 2005. It's just the combination of penguin and insane. Very few people were able to pronounce it correctly, and a few people actually thought it said Penguin Sanchez, so that kinda stuck as a nickname of mine. Then I changed my osu name to that.
My name originated from Runescape a long time ago when Celestial SurgeBox's existed and then it eventually got banned and I kept the name cause I liked it and yeah
Kafka means jackdaw in some language (Czech?) and I like birds :D
That FL Player
my username came from when i was creating a psn for my PlayStation 4 i dont know why i picked it but its became my username for everything
I'm really into stars and the zodiac, so I wanted to use something like that lol
But "Zodiac" and "Zodiak" was taken so I added something to the end of it.
Sounds decent imo
since i didnt have a sense of creativity, i just combined my firstnames "Aren" & "James"
i tried to make it sound cool tho so i thought of replacing s with z yea im really creative
Two words: Brain + damage. BOOM SO CREATIVE IKR

Brainage wrote:

Two words: Brain + damage. BOOM SO CREATIVE IKR
hmm. I thought that you were going for Brain Age, like the Nintendo DS games
Honestly barely have a clue. I used to talk about how much of a noob I was at games a long time ago, and then I thought of ultima as ultimate so it's a like "Ultimate Noob" type of thing (even though ultima means last or something) I still suck at a lot of things so it's valid in a way.

It's really lame and I use it for everything nowadays so that's why it's my osu! name. I used to be called Vortexium, but I don't know where that came out of.
I realy like the Edler Scroll games and this was the best I could do without using numbers and other letters
from my real name
It's a mix of Ikari (According to G trad : anger) because I'm salty and kuro (black). kuro because I like black, and in her star guardian skin, Jinx names one of her guns kuro on League of Legends and I love her. After that I just changed the spelling because I didn't want it to look too Japanese !
- Mia
My nickname is my real name. That happens when you have no originality and opt your name as a nickname. ; w ;
the simpsons season 1 episode 2, bart the genius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMGWCSVRAzo
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