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Where did your username originate from?

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Simple : Something like more than 10 years ago I was at school and wanted to register on some website. I had no internet at home and my computer was probably still the 486 DX2 66MHz so no luck getting internet on that anyways. So I wasn't realy knowing the internet "rules" and just entered my name in the "Username" field. It said me "Nope, Arnold is already used, you can chose in between these 3 choices" and Arnold0 was one of them. I had no imagination back then, and I still don't. It would be very wierd for me to be called by something else than my name nowadays (The only exeption being Arnlol, because Arnold0 was already used on Youtube and Twitch...). Whitin these years I've had people calling me ArnoldZero, but also some calling Arnoldo. Most of the times, people just call me Arnold now which is better.
Obviously My Username Came From the Name Lux From League of Legends Lux's Full name Btw :o But my Past Username was simply_meh But yeah I miss my old username :o Well whatever 8^)
In the past i liked lolis A LOT so yeah could not become with a better idea than this one
Famous dota1 1v5 player called Jackfrog, one of the original makers of Dota, icefrog. Decided to join the frog family, added blitz at the front
Came up with this after I started wanting a username that catchy and mature.
It's a mixture of life (luminous), death (noose) and a pun (Luminoose). It's supposed to symbolize a struggle with depression, and how humour can help make the best of a good situation.
Sometimes the "noose" gets changed to "noot" is Luminoose is already taken on a game or site, because my partner and I often cry out "noot noot!" to each other (from Pingu).
My username used to be PizzaPandaNinja, a combination of my favourite animal and real life nickname, favourite food and something random. I really wanted to be a Let's Player, you see, and fantasized about fanart of a ninja panda eating a pizza. Sadly for me I'm too nervous and have speech difficulties so that'll never happen.
star wars the clone wars
I like snakes
I think i don't have to explain...
I have no fucking clue. It's not even close to my real name, and I hate it now. I made this a long time ago when I used to play League of Legends, and it's the one I use for forums and such. If I would have known that this was an online game, I would have used the username I use for PSN and Steam ("TheMegoLego888"), and I'm considering getting supporter to change it.
My first e-mail I had was "tsredsfan5"

I started using it as my username.

It later got shortened to "Tsredsfan", with me adding the capital T just because it felt comfortable.

I shortened it again to "Tsred" because "Tsredsfan" didn't fit vertically on my avatar.

Tsred wrote:

My first e-mail I had was "tsredsfan5"

I started using it as my username.

It later got shortened to "Tsredsfan", with me adding the capital T just because it felt comfortable.

I shortened it again to "Tsred" because "Tsredsfan" didn't fit vertically on my avatar.
Does the ts stand for anything in particular?
During the time I made this username, I was trying to find an online alias to use across everything. So where did my username originate from? If you look carefully you'll realise that my name looks a lot like Kirigaya which is in reference to the main protagonist SAO. Yes I was young and naive at the time and came up with this name...

P.S "AngryDove" is my new online alias so yeah I'd change my name if I could.
Randomly got it when i was 6
Basicly this name is strange and unique at the same time, there is no inspriation for me to get this name so I use it
My username originates from school. Im currentry studying to become an electrician, my teacher previous year at school were gonna teach us about the right and wrong screwdrivers to use on different screws and its differences. One of those were the Pozydrive screwdriver, I though it sounded funny and wierd so I used it as a username on steam. The people I played with called me Pozy so I changed my username to Pozy.
i was 10 and was creating a username for minecraft and my gamertag included the word reflex in it and for some reason I also used the word beast a lot at the time.
i was thinking to create an cool and simple nickname / username
then i was thinking about lonely

and suddenly 1 word pop up in my head

my username came from my friends xbox gt which is nissanninja69 which is from an achivement for a xbox360 game called forza horizon with the achivement being called nissan ninja
My very first username that I made for my very first mmorpg played. Probably based off from some old anime I forgot now. Sometimes I'm too lazy to think of new usernames so I stick with this with most of my accounts.
big suck
an extraordinary set of events
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