Where did your username originate from?

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i dont remember when i started to name my characters/accounts in online games "mizuki".
its just one of a lot beautiful japanese names. it started when i played my first mmorpg and i wasnt able to decide a name for my character, so i started to google for random names. after hours ( yes, seriously! ) i started to search for country specific names and somehow i landed on japanese names. thats when i discovered the beautiful language "japanese". i picked 2 or 3 of the names which i really liked and mizuki was the name which was still available in that mmo.
The origin of my nickname is for a certain disease, romanizate it and Voula! Nerukolepu.
In Sailor Moon Usagi is often referred as "odango atama" and I just shortened it to "odango" :)


tbh the deck sux but its still fun
I took Pacztual for fun... but i didnt expect ostay on Osu! for long , I regret taking this name now.. I might make a new account with a name in my mind?

Edit : Nevermind , I cant . I'll just get banned if I do that. :(
My Username is from my pet cat, Her name was Suzumoto. Since that my cat's fur is color white, therefore i described her as 'Hikari' (which means light).
my nice name, because I'm fourth son
[ Luddish ]
My reason for this name is really cheesy but here it is.

Simply my grandmother always called me Luddis or Luddish and therefore i chose it in games since it was close to heart and it was kinda original.

I've wanted to change a lot of times but i always end up going back to this name because so many people know me by it :)
My name is originate from League of Legend XDD Veryy Corny I know. The full name of the champion is Ezreal. I just short it by putting it "Ez" XDD :D
golden pepe
somehow it was inspired from Naruto maybe?

first time I use this name when i was playing a quick game called "Tales Hero" and then i named the character RunRunKyu.

i realise it was cringy af so i changed it to ExKyu
Since high school, I'm often referred to as Panda by my friends.
And panda love bambou (french for bamboo).

So I happened to make a contraption of these two words and it sounded pretty nice to me :D
Flannel was something I made in 2013-2014 on a different game and around the same time I got my first Moderator position on a forum and I became well-known as Flannel.
Stupid name I thought of after watching Oreimo as a weeb. Well, it's not stupid, just more of too girly for my tastes..

Somebody sponsor me name change pls take me out of this hell LOL
I've always liked dragons and things related to them, so most of my usernames have something to do with them, that's where drake came from,

and digi came from my interest in digimon.

Guilmon is forever my favorite fictional character ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(thx narse)
I posted in here before, but for those who are too lazy to backtrack, I will explain again.

XerneasYveltal (my former username) - the two eponymous mascots of Pokemon X and Y

XYousoro (my current username) - Initials taken from my former username + Yousoro

Who would have thought that I would come up with a punny username involving a certain Aqours member's catchphrase
Asami Anny
Asami = bc Asami Ryuichi is cool lmao

Anny = me
my name originated because my name is 「ビリ」 "Biri" but, it doesn't really look good, I went with the english name instead
Pepsi Cola
Kuro means 'black' in Japanese, and it's my computer username, and Mimi is my nickname, but it also means 'ears' in Japanese... so I thought "black cat ears" or "black bunny ears". My personality is more like a cat than a bunny, and 'kitty' sounds better to me than 'neko'. Thus; "kurokitty-mimi"
I don't remember the reason I got mine, either. I like it and I don't want to change it, but the rest of the name 'Zen' was only an inspiration from the Zen music and that kind of music is one of my favorites. ;)
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