Where did your username originate from?

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Technically this user just popped out right on my head, cause I just like the number 47
My name comes from the Survivor contestant "Yau-Man Chan", my favourite contestant BY FAR!
New username! So...

I love anything raspberry-flavored, so I started with that and wanted a good way to end the username

The song I was listening to at the time was "Etheriel" by Lush

You can figure out the rest
My real name starts with R + my birthday
I played at a netcafe as a zombie on L4D2 and whoever last played had the name meatlover.

I liked the name so I stole it.
I thought about the only thing I'm good at.

I just thought of this word. What I said above was fake.

dePa : I was a big fan of Depapepe, by the time i create that name
Passtore : out of nowhere, i have feeling that i could be the pastor/saint/holy person who lead the world of game which is impossible since i've made so many sins just like other human being and there's no way i could be such holy person

There you have it :)
some wubwoofwolf impersonator ;(
I think everyone knows where my name came from... my old username however (ShazWow) originated from Tribes (SHAZBOT) and the Wow was (not from WoW, strange ikr) just something I added because Shaz was taken on Battle.net
I went into a 'boo' phase months ago, and on another website I chose the name Cinnyboo. My name's Lucinda but my IGN on a game was Cinneh so everyone called me Cin. I thought I could make a cutesy username out of it. Now I use the name for most websites as it's easier to remember. c:
my real name plus one more n
i love catgirls~
meh name originated from kantai collection, so it's not vry orignal. my original name was stupickle, which originated from a hockey player nmed Stu Bickle. I thought he was adumbass bu tit was funny to se hm plya so i made ma name stupickle bc it sonds liek stupid-clke hehe
My original username was AzureDoctor. I made this a few years back and I simply combined my favourite colour with my dream job and I had a good username.

I came up with my current username while thinking up names for a character to use in a story that I was writing. The character's name was originally going to be Annika Flinn but it didn't have a nice ring to it. I found that a name sounds really nice when both the first and last names end with the same characters, so then I changed the name to Annika Flina and I was done.

I never actually got around to writing my story, so now the name is my screen name .-.
Foxes are my favorite animal, and usually since Vixen is often taken, I turned it into Vhyxen. On some websites I take Vhyxe when it's avalaible
Well... I am a Circle Fairy! ;)
My name is just my old WoW name. But after lookin it up I found something about a mild sl/Zenotama ultrasound est. 2008 so I guess im an ultrasound.
After a loooooong chain of failed clans, I got an obsession with Sub Zero (Because his combos were simple enough in Mortal Kombat 9) and the "XD" originates from the name "SubZ" being too short for Xbox and "XxSubZeroxX" being already taken.
"That feel when no girlfriend". I am almost 30 and never had the one.
Story of my username: Kidaste + Hatsune Miku = KidaMiku
Kidaste as my home village and Hatsune Miku, because she was the first japanese artist I started to listen.
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