Where did your username originate from?

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My Second Name ls Lilith
Some deep and metaphorical phrase regarding life and its very meaning.

I like foxes. I thought of Kitsune May Fly randomly.
keyboard mashing and adding some vocals.
Because when I broke my laptop the keys that fell of were :p,l,o,n and z. don't remember putting hapi in there tho
probably because I have aids
It's just a shortened version of IReallyLikeShotGuns
don't ask
once when there was english lesson and i was struggling to remember all the gradations of the adjectives we had to learn i thought ''all right this is strong,stronger and the strongest next one is good,gooder,goodes.... wait that's not it it's good,better,the best'' and then when i had to choose username it came to my mind that gooder sounds kinda original so i might as well use it.101 was just some accidental mash of the keyboard,don't ask me
5 seconds of thinking
Da = Spanish accent
Joey = One of the YuGiOh's character
ElMacho = Antagonist of DespicableMe2
I'm not good at multiplayer FPS games.
damn shes 15
I don't like to talk about it.
my irl name
I got mine from Starcraft
Stim is a performance enhancing drug.
Dont do drugs kids.
My ign before i changed my name was xXdinorabbitXx. I got the name "dinorabbit" from the card game yugioh and it is a name of a yugioh deck that was really popular. When i tried to make an osu account, "dinorabbit" was taken, so i was forced to add x's. 7 months later i decided to change my name, and with a quick google search you can tell where i got it from.
Saw someone write it when i was a kid so i stole and kept using it until now... i would love to change it anyway but i can't find a good one.
my username literally came from smashing my hands on my keyboard and ending up with just a string of letters that evolved into my name: wndlsnku
i like my cavier
Hi There,

My name is a psychic ability (ice manipulation). I prefer the cold, my resistance to heat is somewhat bad.
My life so far has been a cycle. That gets personal, but I chose reprise because it means "to repeat."
Murai Samurai
Neon Samurai was my old username I used, but I ended up just shortening it to Murai. However, when I made my osu! account, Murai was already taken, so I added Samurai to the end. Simple as that. I guess it kinda links back to my old username.
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