Where did your username originate from?

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I used to be in a clan on PSN called Faded and everyone was choosing really badass sounding names like Faded_Spirit, Faded_Hunter, Faded_Killa. So, me being me, I ruined the badassery of the roster and went for Faded_Lamp and everyone facepalmed and laughed at the same time. It kinda stuck and now I use it for almost everything.
i got my name from many different MMO's
Originally my username starts from GTA modding, called IMasterFX.
Then I played O2Jam, and a new username poped up on my head. Which is currently I'm using right now.
I smashed keys on an Al Bhed translator and thus Zyakan was born.
nein, wir sind die jäger
When I was 9 years old, I had no idea about what does a "MMORPG" was, so my cousin showed me a game named "RuneScape" and Recondito in spanish means "Very hidden" so I used that name because I found something that was absolutely unknown for me.
I liked it, so I keep it nowadays (Got 6 years using it).
A meme that was circulating lol
Monster vial, my favorite item from castlevania. It is a shit item actually, but to look at the effect feels nice. Back then i like names with double L because "omg double L names r so kulz omg xd". I want to kill myself.
i like potatoes, don't juge.
My name's initials are CYL. So I added a few more letters behind to make it sound like a word. It also suits me because I'm usually silent.
I pressed 3 random letters on my keyboard and it looked.nice

FuZ38100 wrote:

I pressed 3 random letters on my keyboard and it looked.nice
Not because the letter "u" appears in the word 'baguette' and thus is surrounded by the initials of the Roman God Fornax and the Greek God Zeus? The numbers surely correspond with a certain code, too.

olivia272 wrote:

FuZ38100 wrote:

I pressed 3 random letters on my keyboard and it looked.nice
Not because the letter "u" appears in the word 'baguette' and thus is surrounded by the initials of the Roman God Fornax and the Greek God Zeus? The numbers surely correspond with a certain code, too.
It was supposed to be a secret
Ochinchi is my real name
The first part of my name was stolen from this guy that used to play Roblox because I was super un-creative back then (when I was like 12 that was my life) and the second part I got was when I was in hospital for an operation and when I was watching TV there was this comedy show on about this guy thats hobby was to smash watermelons open with his head and I couldn't stop laughing and since I just had an operation it felt like I was getting cut open each time I laughed. Yeah a fair journey for just a username haha 8-)
There was a game on the lego website which was about hacking and you had these different powerups and programs and viruses you could use to defeat the 'enemies' on a grid format. The villain had the nickname disarray and I liked the definition of the word.

But it was taken, so I made in_Disarray instead.

That game also had nothing to do with lego at allxD
From the animu, Persona 4 ;)
that -san is random.
A long time ago, I was on a forum about Sonic the Hedgehog that was commonly frequented by people who liked to do spriting, and a bunch of them had original furry characters as their usernames/avatars. So I came up with my own character and recolored a sprite of Tails (My at-the-time favorite Sonic universe character) to be blue. A friend of mine did my current avatar. Since then, I've kept up with the character in stories of mine, although it has NOTHING to do with Sonic, and he doesn't have two tails anymore, but nobody I know is able to draw me a better avatar of him. :p He has the power to control water and ice, and my favorite color is blue... dunno if it's my favorite color just because, or if it's because I've themed everything blue ever since I came up with the character of Buster. :p

PS: I need to change my username to BusterTheFox, I never use the "Blaze" version anymore. I added that in for only gaming sites like XBL, but I've abandoned it. Blaze also happens to be one of my other favorite Sonic characters... Before this username, I was Blaze14, then Blazefire14. The first because of the aforementioned character, the number being my age back then. The second was the same thing, I just added fire because "blaze14" was taken at a lot of sites. Ironic how I went from a character who manipulates fire to one that controls water like that... Okay, I'm rambling. It's kind of a long story, though, and I like my detail. xD

EDIT: Final note, I halfway came up with this user because the "blaze" usernames were always taken everywhere, so I needed a unique one! Okay, I'm done!
DOUBLE EDIT: Hooray, I was supporter at one time, so I was able to change it! xD Hooray for searching the website for options before making a new topic asking about it! ;)
My name is Daisuke and I'm a cat... so yea...
mine was from my real name, Michael Ming
didnt have any ideas for making an account ;w;

kwan is my real name in cantonese.
"FY" is my real name's abbreviation, and "cho" is from.....from......(actually I forgot where it came from;_; :( )
xin means heart in chinese and ely is my real name lol
my name for almost everything was taken which was Mythify. I got that name from just adding ify to random words and at the time I had a mythology book in front of me :)

But sadly Mythify was taken so I just took my irl name Bayley (I know I'm boring :o)
Gero is an abbreviation of my real name also because my friends in real life call me that.
As much as I want to put something cool about my username, I don't know if there are significant facts for it lol.
Elicchi is a nickname given to Ayase Eli. I thought she's the best character in the series so I decided to go with her name, but "Eli" is too short so I just took the nickname her bestfriend calls her.
From my name.
My thought process when i was 7 playing world of warcraft
Kei is from my real name and 1koh2 is from ...from .. I cant remember :)
Kiiwa is an altered version of the Maori name Kiwa. Duh.
My name ?? if my surname is translated to english, it means "Wind"...and 14 is taken from my year's graduation of highschool and also my generation (my generation is the 14th generation in my highschool LOL)
Brendan + Friend = Friendan
too bad I hate the kid who made it up
Nickname an old friend gave me

and also

it's a nice name
It was a joke from back in my xbox days.
wow newpage
Xin is a nice word and Crin from my real name ; Cristian
Gave the h from philanthropist away to charity.

So now I'm just Philantropist ;_;
E s s a

Lenfried- wrote:

My username? Just google it *lenny face
ayyy lol i know what you mean..

the sexy cosplay goddess :3
Lenfried cosplayer
I originally thought of it when i was watching family guy a couple years ago.
It was the episode when quagmire was doing Improv and more unfunny stuff. At the time i was also looking for a alias to be known as, and as any 12 year old would do I took the chance and took the stupid name of "Improv". Acting without a skit.

I kinda regret it.
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