Where did your username originate from?

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Long story short, I'm looking for a certain song.
My name originates from my very first email that I made when I was around the age of 9. It's in Swedish and the translation is "big guy 1997", so it's a kinda embarrassing name. If (?) I get support Ill be changing it to Zeptinn which is a nickname I now more commonly use.
Well, my username is basically a nickname my mother gave me when i was little, idk why but she called me benjochito once (my name is Benjamin) and i started using it as my username in videogames.
My username? Just google it *lenny face
Hitorikko = "Only son" in japanese.

I don't have siblings so yeah. :)
My name actually originated from my Playstation network account. I still use this name on Steam as well. However I don't have Playstation now because I sold it.
Well, when i was 10 years old, i saw this game and i wanted to play this.
But when i got to the register site, it said that put your username.
I didn't know what username is so. i know the word "name" so i put my real name. arviejhay
mijkolsmith stands for my name cause mijkol is pronounced as michael in dutch
nobody is actually called mijkol in the Netherlands
ayy lmao
oh a good thread to answer the common question on my username in osu....

"why Lord + Raika?"
Raika as my name, its everywhere ( on lots of forum, game id, character name and stuff )

and Lord, i remember now...
Maybe its since i play Ragnarok Online 7 years ago, my ONLY best character is LordKnight
being ALWAYS the top LordKnight with highest hp, critical and atk while leading whole guild to win a War of Emperium.
also known as the best Frenzy/Berserk type LordKnight >w< , always win 1v1 LK vs LK in Frenzy/Berserk.
People and friend on the guild always said "my lord, milord asdfasfda" smthg like that... ah its sooo nostalgic X_X

same goes to some of my friend that love Assassin Cross, having the name Cross on the username or X on them >w<
My favorite Pokémon. Plain and simple. This and sometimes adding "88" on the end (lucky number) has always been my name whenever Lanturn isn't available. That's why I was previously known as Lanturn88 on here. stupid Lanturn_old

From Neopets (my first online game), to the Nintendo Forums, to MMORPGs like Gate to Heavens/WoW, and every other website you can think of. I've always used Lanturn/Lanturn88

Also, if I ever made a female Character on an MMORPG or something, I'd use Lantina as the name for it. So I guess I kinda have this as an alias too.
Choco x Mint
just chat with me and you'll notice, lol
^ and dkun shortened this name and made it his?
good-looking letters/characters as the main priority, then somehow it became a mixture of phase and face. pronounce it as you wish or call me Zahp or whatever, lol
from s-Troke-
Valkyrie. But with another rie because Valkyrie was taken ;_;
My first name is Oliviya, but I 'westernized' it by removing the y. The numbers also bear a meaning.
I had a friend that I would game with a lot. When we first started he suggested our names match in some way. So he gave me Infernocash, and he would use Blazebucks. Been using this name for almost every game ever since.
i just happen to like ninjas... the reason why i added 1 and 4 to my name: "ninja" was already taken.. and the meaning of the number 14 in my country's lottery is "drunk" (i laughed when i realized that.. because i hardly get drunk...) lol
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