Where did your username originate from?

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Combining real name with Pokémon names.

9 year old me was stupid
Neko = cat ... i love cats ... never had one tho T^T ... and im a weeb thats why its in japanese ~~~~
Cthulhu is a deity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu"
Therefore L0rdcthulhu. Switched the o to a 0 to make it look better.
My previous username is Heatwave95. I don't know why the heck I choose this name as my username hahaha. obviously 95 comes from 1995.

and now my name is HeatKai because I wanted to throw those numbers away and that "Kai" comes from another user Sekai-nyan. It's like a combination name between us two. I changed the username to HeatKai years ago. I don't know why I choose this name but I still love it. :3
I was trying to think of a name that was unique for Sword Art Online to use on SC2 and I thought "SAOnline... I like it!" :)
Was born with it...
h=last name initial

I was just looking for an excuse to do my first post
Long story short, I'm looking for a certain song.
My name originates from my very first email that I made when I was around the age of 9. It's in Swedish and the translation is "big guy 1997", so it's a kinda embarrassing name. If (?) I get support Ill be changing it to Zeptinn which is a nickname I now more commonly use.
Well, my username is basically a nickname my mother gave me when i was little, idk why but she called me benjochito once (my name is Benjamin) and i started using it as my username in videogames.
My username? Just google it *lenny face
Hitorikko = "Only son" in japanese.

I don't have siblings so yeah. :)
My name actually originated from my Playstation network account. I still use this name on Steam as well. However I don't have Playstation now because I sold it.
Well, when i was 10 years old, i saw this game and i wanted to play this.
But when i got to the register site, it said that put your username.
I didn't know what username is so. i know the word "name" so i put my real name. arviejhay
mijkolsmith stands for my name cause mijkol is pronounced as michael in dutch
nobody is actually called mijkol in the Netherlands
ayy lmao
oh a good thread to answer the common question on my username in osu....

"why Lord + Raika?"
Raika as my name, its everywhere ( on lots of forum, game id, character name and stuff )

and Lord, i remember now...
Maybe its since i play Ragnarok Online 7 years ago, my ONLY best character is LordKnight
being ALWAYS the top LordKnight with highest hp, critical and atk while leading whole guild to win a War of Emperium.
also known as the best Frenzy/Berserk type LordKnight >w< , always win 1v1 LK vs LK in Frenzy/Berserk.
People and friend on the guild always said "my lord, milord asdfasfda" smthg like that... ah its sooo nostalgic X_X

same goes to some of my friend that love Assassin Cross, having the name Cross on the username or X on them >w<
My favorite Pokémon. Plain and simple. This and sometimes adding "88" on the end (lucky number) has always been my name whenever Lanturn isn't available. That's why I was previously known as Lanturn88 on here. stupid Lanturn_old

From Neopets (my first online game), to the Nintendo Forums, to MMORPGs like Gate to Heavens/WoW, and every other website you can think of. I've always used Lanturn/Lanturn88

Also, if I ever made a female Character on an MMORPG or something, I'd use Lantina as the name for it. So I guess I kinda have this as an alias too.
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