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Where did your username originate from?

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- K a t h -
I have a pretty boring history of my username ~.~

kathleen180 has always been my username in any other sites, but I had a thought once to add "senpai" to the end,
then poof~ Kathleen Senpai is born >:D
This is probably pretty obvious but my username is a combo of my fav animal and my fav season.....
Ever since i was young, i loved airplanes and fighter planes. I came across a game called Air Combat for the PS1 when i was young. I really loved it. some years later i found out that there were more games from the series. the Ace Combat series. the games are now called ace combat but the first one was called air combat. so yea i quickly got myself some ace combat games. in ace combat 4, youre an ace pilot called 'Mobius 1'. It was my favourite ace in the series. so I started to name myself Mobiusl on the webs. the L behind it is the first letter of my name. after some issues with google I had to call mysf Mobiuslau. Lau are the first 3 letters of my name so it makes sence. so i called myself Mobiuslau on basicly everything. but i decided to go with Mobiusl for Osu C:
Black Wolf159
I regret of this name today because I get a new username and I can't change it

It's originate from White Wolf (WubWoofWolf now) Because he was one of the player that I see in osu when I started to play it.
I wanted to put a similar name like him and came "Black Wolf" but other player al ready had that. Then,I choose a name with numbers and here I am. After to think it a lot of days, I knew that I want a original name so... Maybe some day when I have support, I change It to other name.
well, this is very personal
'ramdans' is just an abbreviated word from my last name 'ramadhana'
and the- is just a prefix
Because foxes are the best, and they are super cute! >w<
This. Just this.
A lot of people misspelled my real name especially in the virtual world sooo
I just thought I'd type it as it's pronounced to make it easier for everyone then
I just added the second 'i' in there because... I'm kawaii.. like that... (*>w<*)
I like androids, and boydroid has a better ring to it than girldroid. that's pretty much it.
From Clive Barker's Jericho. There was Captain Xavier Jones. I regret it, want to change it but... Don't know :/
My username originates back in 2008 as my personal music artist name. Beat-of-Ike was originally my music artist name (back when I made music using FL Studio in 2008). It was not until late 2009, when I started to adapt this name in the forums (KeyBeat Online) as my username.

How did I come up with this name? The first music I made in FL Studio was named "Basic Beat" (I still have the music if you want it, but it sucks XD) and Ike is basically my middle name. That's how I came up with the name Beat-of-Ike or BoI for short. Although most prefer Beat, Beato, or simply Ike as my short name.
Many people usually guess syphilis, but I will spare you the guessing game. It came from mashing the words sapphire and fast together and changing up the vowels. It's also pronounced sigh-fist if you care about that.
from my mind. Just thought about a good username and welp kinda came up with that name.. dunno how though
I used my main username which I first used in RS.
That is something even i don't know.
Love Me
Red Roses in my garden :P
A&P textbook, I guess.
Yuuki Asuna
um sao
My username rhymes with my actual name, and I guess I was having fun when I first made the name?
Anyways, I first used it on GBAtemp (a Nintendo-related forum) in 2009, and has since been my go-to name for cutesy and/or light-hearted games (and eventually, pretty much every game).

But recently, I've actually started to grow attached to the Japanese name 拓海 (takumi, translates into "open sea"), and have been using it for some VNs (voice-acted or otherwise) that require you to input a character name. There have been times where I felt the name "YayMii" was unfitting for the type of person I was, but other people have helped me realize that I was just being melodramatic and overly depressed... I'm past that now, but I still would not mind renaming myself to TakuMii if it weren't for the fact that other people have expressed a liking to my username :P
from the word "sparkle"
then a online friend of mine gave me the nickname sparky...
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