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Where did your username originate from?

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Miku Maekawa
I like nature, that's all

EDIT: I guess I could go into more detail with this

When I started playing MKWii competitively I wanted to come up with a name that sounded kinda unique, something you wouldn't see everyday. And Tree's what I came up with. Since Tree used a lot as a username I use "Treekii" everywhere else, which is kinda a play on "Tricky"
I get respected at the gym, and my name is Chris ;3

actually Krzysztof but this is 'murica, and also chris is shorter
My original username (kirukashi) and then a close friend of mine started associating me with eggs and then she made "kirueggy"
AGENT because Elite Beat Agents
DJ because I like music
ANGEL because I'm a sweet little Angel :P
My username is an Vocaloid name Aoki Lapis, but I used Lapis Aoki since Aoki Lapis is taken and I think the user is active, and I really liked that Vocaloid, so I used her name, and lol, now I'm the second Vocaloid mapper here in osu! lol

My previous username was Megurine--Luka I changed it not cause I liked Aoki, cause the username was kinda of long and nazi
My username is a short version of my real life name,i double it because BAKER was already taken :cry:
Also i still don't know why i wrote it with CAPS :)
But looks like i am the only active user with my name :D
Ring Suzune

Ring Suzune wrote:

freakin knew it
Levi from Attack on Titan + Ravioli = Laviolli :oops:
I have a stupid one.

7 years ago on Club Penguin, I wanted a cool name. My name for this other sign up thing was "cooldude5555" or something, and I wanted something different. Being 7, I didn't do the best job. These questions were the things that came to mind.

Favourite car! uhm... Mazda?
Favourie name! Matthew! Wait that's my name... Max I guess...
Random word! Stick! PERFECT :D

I was literally about to make my Club Penguin username "Mazdamaxstick". Luckily, it could only be 11 characters, and I went with Mazdamaxsti. When I was able to change my name, I shortened it to Maz.
My username originated from Club Penguin too!

It was second grade, and during free-time I was showing my class the coolest online game I had just found, Club Penguin. Nobody knew how to register, and one desperately wanted the username "Matthew", since that was his friend's name. I had to think of something. It was my responsibility as the one helping everyone sign up. Eventually I came up with a little number set to add to the end of it, one surely nobody would ever use, 3242. He was now Matthew3242 for a few weeks before abandoning the account. After realizing how great it was, I started slapping it to the end of my name for usernames on everything.
Of course, I actually hate usernames with numbers on the end.
3242 (It's thirty-two forty-two, not 3,242!): We start with 3 "3". Subtract 1. Now we have a 2. "32" Go back to 3. Add 1. Now we have a 4. "324" Put another 2 on the end, "3242" because 2+2 equals 4, making some sort of sandwhich?
I was proud of it back then.
Simply Sebin
One day, I had started playing this mmo called Mabinogi that my friends (who are twins) decided to introduce me to. I had to come up with a username, a cool one because they were older than me, and I wanted to show them I can be cool too. They had cool usernames like : "Inilix, and e..elime?" So I thought: "My name's Sebastian, and I'm a... a man. Yeah that's pretty cool, Seb... a man." I proceeded to name all my usernames for EVERYTHING with the name, Sebaman124.

I have no idea where the 124 came from though.

This was years ago, by the way. Like, 7 years ago. Why do I keep using this stupid name ;~; I wish I had chosen a cooler internet alias back then, hell even for osu!... but it's too late now

peppy can i change my name pls, kthnx
For those of you who don't know, Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and there just so happens to be a company which shares my real life name located in Nairobi and so I just called myself Nairobi. :)
Evolution of my nickname (Rei), so it becomes Ex-Rei lol
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drum drum
Oh my, this is starting to die. I really liked reading all these replies. I hope for more soon.

10/10 indirect bumping
i think..., i use this username because i really want lemonade (no people, the real lemonade, not that one) when i make this account..

And now because of that people believe i'm a perv boy =.=

... when i'm actually a girl well, maybe still pervy #slap
Because "Sekai", from japanese, it means "World", and it seems a name, at least for me, but maybe i'm stupid xD
Anyway, I love my username <3
E s s a

Apink Chorong wrote:

A-Pink band member: Chorong
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